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Happy August!


And blessed Lughnasadh to my pagan pals!

Just a quick update on the writing front. I hit and passed my CampNaNo goal! Yay! I finished early with just over 7,800 but added to it after validation and finalized a smidge over 8k. Not too shabby, eh?

Today I’m working on an honest-to-goodness outline for the VC collection. My brain likes order and wants to have a finite plan: Eight parts representing the Wheel of the Year. Totally doable. Each part broken down to eight chapters (repping the sabbats), with eight scenes per chapter. Again, doable.

Here’s where I’m stuck.

My opening story – Yule (pre-Christmas-ish), featuring Niall and Adara – begins roughly around Mabon (beginning of Fall), but it needs to start around mid-December. It doesn’t flow the way my brain sets up the whole collection. Major clash between order and historical fact over here. So, I’m having trouble reconciling the two pieces. This is what I get for working on one collection for nearly 4 years, and not having any sort of outline beyond the Wheel of the Year and character sets.

Hasta la taco, June!


Much has happened since we last saw each other. May and June were…busy.

We moved to Arkansas and that took about 3 weeks to finalize the logistics. Housing, utilities, movers, etc. Oh and if you want your cat to ignore you for several hours, I can offer tips. Moving also means looking for work: I’m putting out resumes and submitting applications M-F. The last couple days haven’t been very fruitful, but I know I can’t be picky, either.

Here in the States, May 14 was Mother’s Day; the day after was the 1st anniversary of my mother’s passing. Add to that moving and Mother Nature being off her meds…I had a really rough week. Rough month. We both did.

June bought us a 9-day stint in Memphis for him and a 4-day excursion for my daughter’s graduation for me – simultaneously. He got back the day before I did. Things are finally starting to settle down, I think. Maybe. Fun thing: we discovered our bluray player is 3D compatible (the TV came with glasses)! I highly recommend Star Trek: Beyond and Doctor Strange in 3D.

Since tomorrow is July I figured I’d share my upcoming writing goals.

In the NaNoWriMo world, July is Camp 2.0. I hit April’s goal of 5k words, so I’m upping July’s to 7,500. Naturally I’m not sure which project to work on, so I’ll likely work on more than one. I spent this afternoon digging through current WIPs and story nuggets. So. Many. Projects. I also printed off June’s story/journal prompts to coordinate with WIPs. The bonus: I can insert these lil blips into nearly all. So, really, I do create new story content and hope a scene or backstory pops out of them.

We’ll see.

I’m going to try and post at least weekly from here out.

Thanks for sticking with me 🙂

Putting ‘The Plan’ in Motion


So each year I set a writing goal for myself and have rarely met it. This year is a different story…

While I have several projects in the works, only one will come out in December. My plan is to finish, edit and publish Viktic Crossing. It probably won’t be called that when its done, though. Hell, it will likely go through several titles before I choose one. 

Im still using the prompts from A Writer’s Book of Days to write little snippets of the story. Eight generations of story. A family lineage stemming from a chance encounter between Viking raider and Celtic priestess. Its next level Vikings shit. And it will be awesome. 

The Keeper of the Bayou story will probably end up being a major flash forward piece of that. We’ll see. The potential is there and it could lead to more in between generational stories. That way the family could be traced back about 900 years. 

As side note: I’m doing WriYe’s 31 Days of Original Characters challenge. It’s neat. Create an original character every day in January. But, because we have lives, there are tiers. I opted for 12 characters based on the number of days off I have from work. So far I’m at 8, and will finish with more than 12 (doing them at work, too….shhh).

Anyone doing a writing challenge this month? Share in comments.

New Year, New Me Bullshit


Yup, even I’m not immune.

In addition to my personal writing goals, I’ve been given the opp to basically run the WriYe Tumblr page. Thank you; hold your applause… Twitter and Facebook, too.

Santa brought me a FitBit Charg HR for Christmas. A purple one; Santa knows I love purple. One of my New Year/New Me goals was to start “getting healthy” like a billion other people. There just happens to be a resident-only fitness center a short walk from our door. Guess who hit it 2 days in a row…

Yesterday I logged 2.5 mi between the treadmill and elliptical. Today I said “fuck you evil elliptical” and logged another 2.5 on the t’mill. In fact, I made all my goals: steps,  activity duration, distance, sleep and water intake. My FitBit is friggin awesome.

The “unfortunate thing” about it is I’m limited in terms of workout clothes. Any of my fellow bloggers are more than welcome to share good places for inexpensive threads.

Back to writing updates…

I’ve chosen the 4 projects to focus on: Rising, Keeper of the Bayou, Viktic Crossing aaaaaand EQ. The plan is to have all 4 knocked out by end of the year and stagger published in 2017. Key word being “plan”. One project each quarter, with a different task for each month.

This quarter is all about Rising and January is thorough editing. February is new content and March is final edits and cover. I’ve got zero ideas about the cover, though. I don’t want stock photos; I want original artwork even if its me taking a photo and pasting words on it.

Now I’m mumbling. Queue bedtime.

Night guys and gals 🙂

December, You Sneaky Bastard


I’ve got some interesting news to share, today. Other than it being December, of course. Grab a cup of something warm and settle in. This is kind of a long post.

I’m coming off a 10-day vacation (yay) and go back to work tomorrow (boo). It was a really good vacation, too. We didn’t go anywhere, but we did spend a lot of time together just chillin’ out. I made a big Thanksgiving spread (which we’re still eating), watched Jessica Jones on Netflix, got some Redbox movies and took a lot of naps. By the way…Detroit Lions whooped Philadelphia Eagles ass on Thanksgiving.

I’m sad to see the vacation end, but you know how it is. Back to the grind and onto the interesting news.

This year I co-hosted the WriYe Tumblr blog, something most of you were aware. Back in September or October, one of the mods approached me to help out on the actual site for 2016. Like, the official WriYe forum site. I hemmed and hawed and finally submitted the “application” that the team was requesting from interested people.

Imagine my surprise after not hearing anything for awhile, I get a notification that I’ve been added as a Global Moderator! Next thing I know, I’m signing up to handle 2 forums and adding the Twitter and Facebook accounts to my list. A fair amount of time each week will be dedicated solely to WriYe, on top of the Tumblr, which I agreed to oversee for 2016.

Just like when I do Tumblr, my activity and participation will be done on days off from work. Most of it can actually be done on my phone while at work (during down time, of course) if it doesn’t require a cut/copy/paste situation.

Which leads me to my plans for December…

  • 12 Days of Consistency Challenge (write a certain minimum word count each day for 12 consecutive days) – I chose 320.
  • New Moon Challenge 12/11
  • WriDay 12/15
  • Full Moon Madness 12/25 (I already have an idea for this one.)

These are all challenges hosted by WriYe, and they really do get a chunk of that word count goal eaten. Well, they would if I participate(d). I’m also going to…

  • Go through the 2016 Writer’s Market and look for contests and publishing opportunities
  • Make a list of WIPs and decide which projects to focus on next year.
  • Make a list of WIMs (works in mind) and choose a couple worth exploring.
  • Update all my social media places
  • Write as much as I can.

I’m not going to make any hard deadlines, yet, since each month’s writing plans will have to work around my day job and the schedules don’t come out until after the 17th. Even then it could change, so yeah. Soft deadlines, it is.

Which leads me to my New Year’s Resolutions. Yeah, I’m making them early. This way I can ease into them, instead of going cold turkey balls out on the 1st…

  • Eat better and move more
  • Sleep better/more
  • Be more aware of my body’s signals and slow down when it tells me to
  • Get back on my spiritual path
  • Go outside more for fun (helps satisfy pretty much all of the above)
  • Get more organized
  • Donate unused clothes to charity.

I should be able to keep at least 1 of those, right?

What are your writing plans for December?


Dear Writer


I know youre struggling to make this writing thing happen. Its okay.

We’re going through it, too.

Writing isn’t a race to the finish line. It isn’t about who gets there first. Its about doing what you can, when you can. Its about getting those thoughts on paper.


Whether you use a computer, pen and paper, voice recorder or sticky notes, know you can do this. It isn’t always easy or fun. Sometimes its downright painful. The point is you’re doing it, this thing called writing.

We are on your side, cheering you on and shouting your name.

You are a writer, and you can write.

That One Time, in My Head…


…I had an idea. And that idea was to blog a short story. Maybe 5k words. Blogging a story seems to be all the rage, right now.

The way my writing has(n’t) been lately, I’m not sure if I actually want to do it or not. A week ago I wrote a little something, about 300 words. Its basically an intro to a longer story and all haphazard.

What’s stopping me? Same thing as always, ultimately.


I have tons of support to get back into writing. When it comes to it, though, I’m too goddamn tired. After working all day, or cleaning and cooking…I just don’t have it in me.

Guess I’m waiting for that magic moment when the planets align and Mercury’s not in retrograde, Jupiter is in the perfect house…sigh. I’ll be waiting a long-ass time.

Ok, enough bitching.

Let’s do this.

To Write or Not to Write


Hi. I know it’s been awhile since you saw me. Lots has been going on. Highlights: long work stretch, illness and lack of motivation.

Now to the writing update…

I haven’t been writing like I’m supposed to/should. I’ve been really bad about keeping self-imposed deadlines. And, I hate it. Bottom line, it’s no one thing that’s preventing me from writing. It’s all on me, and Iv’e accepted that truth.

My healing journal had been neglected for 2 weeks. That was caught up today. I did a balance wheel and happy cloud thing (both courtesy of Mallika Chopra). My spirit book didn’t even get looked at in April..Today, May’s correspondences were recorded. I added some small drawings, too.

As for fiction writing…nope. I did write down some ideas last month, though. I’m fleshing out one or two for development. I’m sorta editing Rising. It needs new content to fill some gaps. It’s that or rip a bunch of stuff out and knock it down to around 10k words, maybe less. Short stories I can handle. These long-winded explorations into the human soul are not my forte.

The only thing I’ve actually been able to stay on top of so far this month is the WriYe Tumblr. I’m accountable to the WriYe goddesses if I don’t.

Lesson learned this month: I can only write when the mood hits. I can’t just sit down and write for the hell of writing, and I’m learning to deal with it.

Wednesday Wish Day


It’s my first free day in a week. What do I do?

I caught up on dvr’d shows and played Diablo: Reaper of Souls for about 45 mins. Then, I checked out that new SyFy show Olympus – don’t bother; it’s not that good. Out of the blue, creativity sort of struck. I’ve spent the last couple of hours roughing out a handful of story ideas, came up with over a dozen titles and character names, and am now considering a bubble bath. But that will have to wait, I think.

Today is Earth Day, too. In my mind I’m celebrating. It’s kind of nice just to sit still and not have to go anywhere or do anything. Tomorrow I’ve got some errands to run, though, and I might include the library. I definitely need to get some writing done regardless of my out-n-abouts. Perhaps I’ll take my writing stuff?

Which leads me to my CampNaNo progress. Eh. I have some words. At this point the only material written will be for one of the new story ideas. I’m burned out on Rising and the other WIPs. I can’t help but realize that once I get to the end and do the content editing, I can barely think of stuff to fill in the gaps. And I wonder if I’m cut out for writing anything over 10-15k words. Honestly, I don’t know how I wrote Timing. So, here’s what I’m thinking…

Stick to short stories. Nothing outside 10-15k. I’ve figured out that’s my average before I start losing oomph and ideas on a single story idea.

Plus, if there are similar stories I can always do a collection without planning for it. That’s another revelation.

I plan and plan and plan. Most of the time I fail, get all sad and then don’t want to write. I’m giving it up to the Creatives, now. They have the con and will nudge me when the time is right.

In the mean time, I’m going to just chill out, watch Food Network and tumble some story ideas around. Maybe flesh one out enough for an outline. Who knows?

It’s Monday…and My Day Off


I’ve showered, just started the dryer for laundry load #2 and am about half done the reading list for today. I’ve cleaned Kallie’s box. I made the bed. I updated my spirit book and caught up on my healing journal.

What haven’t I done?


I need to write. I also need to do about 30 other things. I need to write. 

need to write.

I could (read: should) work on Rising or VC or the Bayou project. There are other story ideas I could flesh out and see if they’re worth anything. Shit, even research would be a step in the right direction. The saying “Why put off until tomorrow what you can do today” is flashing across my eyes like a Times Square jumbotron. My answer: I have two more days off before going back to work.

No, you are 2 weeks behind in publishing Rising, which isn’t even close to being finished. You still need a blurb, cover art, decide on pricing and work out a special. You need to start getting readers interested in it enough that they want to buy it when it comes out.

I look at my list of things to do. Writing is at the top of the list, in ink and highlighted. There’s also dishes, vacuuming, clean out the fridge…

Fiiiiiiiine…Writing it is.