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#PaganFriday: The Ancestors and Visitations

Yesterday something happened that freaked me out a little. Most of you know my mom passed a little over 2 years ago, and I have her cremains with me. Her “house” is a beautiful wooden box, which as been on … Continue reading

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Basic Needs and The Formal Request

Considering myself lucky for a place to live, I woke up this morning with my basic needs met. I have shelter, hot water, food, my kids and some luxuries (tv, internet, a universal remote cell phone). What I don’t have, … Continue reading

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Cravings: Broken Bones

The following with be included in the Cravings collection. Enjoy. Broken Bones I watched a raven devour a field mouse today. It was not like anything I had seen before. Bits of fur and bone disappearing in the dark beak of the … Continue reading

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Hello, My Name Is… update

This project is coming along nicely, and tonight I was given a boost in my personal stakes in it. I’ll be cleaning it up and adding more details for its inclusion in Hello.   He walked in and smiled. “Hello, … Continue reading

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Love Letter to An Alcoholic

If I could give you one thing, it would be power. Power to overcome your addiction, to understand how it affects the people who love you, to realize it’s hurting you. Power to take back the control which you have given, … Continue reading

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