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CampNaNo 2.1


Hey, y’all. How’s Camp going? Hopefully you’re slaying your goals!

Me? My goal is 7500 words and I’m sitting at just over 2k. Like last time, I’m using daily prompts from Writer’s Book of Days as my guide, and just plunking existing characters in where they fit best. 

If they don’t fit, that’s cool, too. I can use them for a story later on. 

I also went over Jan-June prompts and discovered a ton of material for existing WIPs. Plugging them in will be so much fun. Who knows the direction the stories will go! 

Let me know how you’re Camp adventure is going. 

Next week: Pagan Friday – with pictures.

Camp, take 3


So as of today, I met and exceeded a couple of writing goals for this month. 

I “won” CampNaNo although I haven’t validated it, yet. 

I participated in Full Moon Madness, 5k Weekend and New Moon Challenge sponsored by WriYe – the 3 biggest writing challenges in the community. And I met the goals. The full WriYe year goal is 75k words. Guess what. I actually hit the monthly minimum. 

Did I combine all smaller challenges to count toward the monthly goal? Um, yeah. I’m a lot of things, but stupid isn’t one of them.

It’s amazing what one can accomplish in 3 days off!

Camp NaNo Change


Last week I said I was working part 3 of the VC story set. Well, I changed my mind. And here’s why..

The whole goal of creating the VC set around the Wheel of the Year – pagan sabbats – was to highlight each “holiday”. We’ve just passed Ostara and Beltane is around the corner. It makes more sense to write about an upcoming event, than it does to right about the past one. At least, it does to me.

Today and tomorrow, between appointments and housework, I’ll gather research, outlines and the Beltane story already in the works. The outlines will be reworked to reflect a more cohesive timeline. It is a generational collection, after all. By the time I close my eyes tomorrow night, I should have a solid foundation for the entire set.

Who knows…I may get rolling on part 5 – Midsummer. 

Camp NaNo, Round 1


Yup, I’m doing Camp this year. Project: VC part 3 -Ostara. 

This part is the least complete, therefore its prime Camp fodder. I’ll do prep work for the rest of this month and, outline and unanswered questions in hand, tackle this nugget on my days off in April. 

I’ve been working on a play list, too (Spotify is an awesome tool), and a lot of the music which spoke to me is being added to other projects’ play lists as I go along. The downside to a virtually neverending supply of tunes is the ability to get distracted like a squirrel. 

My word count goal is 5,000 words, which averages about 500 wpd. Maybe I’ll get lucky and surpass that. 

Fingers crossed. 

CampNaNo – Round 2!


It’s gonna be a KO this month! Who will win – Planner or Pantser?

About 3 days before CampNaNoWriMo opened cabins and the mess hall, I decided to pack my literary bags and join. On Sunday morning I decided to work on Rising, a piece I started last summer and got all of 800 words into. I spent the day asking the “what if” questions about the characters, worked on character bios and came away with almost 4 handwritten pages of notes. You’d have an easier time finding Waldo than deciphering this mess.

Days 1 & 2 brought me slightly ahead of the official “Where You Need to Be” in the word count goal chart on the Camp’s site (ha!), which makes me feel good since its almost the Holiday Weekend for us Americans. Today being Day 3, I expect to come out even further ahead. In fact, if all goes well I be a couple days in the black and not need to write until Saturday. Last Saturday our community was supposed to have its annual boat racing event, but thanks to fog it got moved to tomorrow (when it SHOULD be anyway – insert eye roll). I’ll likely be perched on the boat with notebook in hand, fleshing out possible scenes for Rising.

What is Rising about, you ask? Well, our MFC (Angel) witnesses a death and the company president, our MMC (Steve), offers her a promotion. Angel keeps feeling lightning and electrical pulses when she and Steve touch in any way, and it is revealed that he is a sorcerer. As it happens, Angel is a sorceress whose powers are latent due to a childhood trauma. Steve uses Angel and her powers for corporate takeovers. There’s the tug of Good vs Evil, and we have a showdown with an as yet Unknown Threat. I’m thinking its a guy with ties to both Angel and Steve. I’m using a combo of Discovery and Ascension/Descension plots here. Either way, its all very magic-y and tense. Also, doing first- and third-person narratives. Yes, I’m likely insane. But, hey, why not? By the end it could be one or the other. Anyway, that’s the gist of Rising. I’m sure it will change a million times between now and the end of the month.

Btw – it’s 6:30ish PM and I still haven’t written anything toward the WC. I have, however, managed to add more questions to the list. Now, the notes pages total is over 5.

Don’t forget to stop by on Sunday for Chapter 4 of Timing. Things are really starting to heat up for Eva and her family.

Questions/Comments/Suggestions always welcome 🙂