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December, You Sneaky Bastard


I’ve got some interesting news to share, today. Other than it being December, of course. Grab a cup of something warm and settle in. This is kind of a long post.

I’m coming off a 10-day vacation (yay) and go back to work tomorrow (boo). It was a really good vacation, too. We didn’t go anywhere, but we did spend a lot of time together just chillin’ out. I made a big Thanksgiving spread (which we’re still eating), watched Jessica Jones on Netflix, got some Redbox movies and took a lot of naps. By the way…Detroit Lions whooped Philadelphia Eagles ass on Thanksgiving.

I’m sad to see the vacation end, but you know how it is. Back to the grind and onto the interesting news.

This year I co-hosted the WriYe Tumblr blog, something most of you were aware. Back in September or October, one of the mods approached me to help out on the actual site for 2016. Like, the official WriYe forum site. I hemmed and hawed and finally submitted the “application” that the team was requesting from interested people.

Imagine my surprise after not hearing anything for awhile, I get a notification that I’ve been added as a Global Moderator! Next thing I know, I’m signing up to handle 2 forums and adding the Twitter and Facebook accounts to my list. A fair amount of time each week will be dedicated solely to WriYe, on top of the Tumblr, which I agreed to oversee for 2016.

Just like when I do Tumblr, my activity and participation will be done on days off from work. Most of it can actually be done on my phone while at work (during down time, of course) if it doesn’t require a cut/copy/paste situation.

Which leads me to my plans for December…

  • 12 Days of Consistency Challenge (write a certain minimum word count each day for 12 consecutive days) – I chose 320.
  • New Moon Challenge 12/11
  • WriDay 12/15
  • Full Moon Madness 12/25 (I already have an idea for this one.)

These are all challenges hosted by WriYe, and they really do get a chunk of that word count goal eaten. Well, they would if I participate(d). I’m also going to…

  • Go through the 2016 Writer’s Market and look for contests and publishing opportunities
  • Make a list of WIPs and decide which projects to focus on next year.
  • Make a list of WIMs (works in mind) and choose a couple worth exploring.
  • Update all my social media places
  • Write as much as I can.

I’m not going to make any hard deadlines, yet, since each month’s writing plans will have to work around my day job and the schedules don’t come out until after the 17th. Even then it could change, so yeah. Soft deadlines, it is.

Which leads me to my New Year’s Resolutions. Yeah, I’m making them early. This way I can ease into them, instead of going cold turkey balls out on the 1st…

  • Eat better and move more
  • Sleep better/more
  • Be more aware of my body’s signals and slow down when it tells me to
  • Get back on my spiritual path
  • Go outside more for fun (helps satisfy pretty much all of the above)
  • Get more organized
  • Donate unused clothes to charity.

I should be able to keep at least 1 of those, right?

What are your writing plans for December?


Happy Birthday!


I’m Two Years Old, Today!

Well, not me, but this blog is.

It all started when I finished my very first NaNoWriMo a bit early and wondered what I was going to do about marketing once I got to the publishing point. I looked at WordPress and Tumblr, and free website platforms, and decided this was the place for me.

So much has happened here in the last two years! I’ve met some fantastic people, made connections, shared highs and lows – both personally and “professionally” – and continue to be in a position to blog several times each month.

What will the next year bring? The question should be, what won’t it bring? Part of my OCD has made me plan ahead for 2015, scheduling-wise, and I think we’ll all be pleased. Writing will be ramping up big time, and I’m hoping to incorporate much more advice that I have previously. Mainly they were just filler, but I’d love to designate one post each month to what’s happening in the writing world (publishing, mergers, top-selling books, etc). Big big doin’s coming down the pike. There may, or may not, be a design makeover come January as well.

Oh! I almost forgot – Anyone interested in doing guest posts? I’ve got some dates not scheduled for January and February, and wouldn’t mind hosting at all. Let me know, and we can get something set up.

I just want to say Thank you, again, to everyone who stops by during their day and checks in one the happenings around here. It’s been a wonderful two years.

Here’s to many more!

For You, the Reader


Lately I’ve been thinking how under-appreciated our Readers are. You guys scroll through your feed and pass over many before finding something that piques your interest. I am thankful for the handful of you, dear Readers, who choose to read me each day.

My blog isn’t glamorous. It doesn’t generate money, unless you go to Amazon and buy one of my books (If that’s you – Thank you!). It doesn’t offer solutions for world peace, nor spout controversy. It’s just me and my writing, with personal stuff tossed in. And, the occasional book review. It’s helped me connect to a wide variety of people from all over the world. People whom I wouldn’t have had the beautiful opportunity of “meeting” under normal circumstances.

Many of you come for the writing. Many for the Pagan. And others just for the personal aspect to see what I’m up to. Some of you read everything. Regardless of your tastes, I’m glad you visit. It’s important to me that your experiences here are pleasant, helpful and satisfying. And with 2015 just around the corner, I’d like to know what you’d like to see more of when you come. Pagan, writing, personal, something altogether different? What sort of links would you enjoy? Do you think I should add/remove widgets? If so, what are your suggestions? Even though this is my place, it’s also your place. Because, in reality, we’re here together.

So, please share your thoughts with me and others who stop by. We’d love to know what you think.

Blam – Blog Spam



Or, Why I Only Post 3 Days a Week

Once a month I have a Tech Day. You know, hitting everything I do on social media and revamping things. That includes going through the list of blogs I follow and seeing who’s still active. It also included the unfollowing of bloggers who spammificate feeds to see themselves type and stir the shit pot.  I enjoy those who post daily, even twice a day. But, power blogging is irritating and useless. Hear me out before lighting your torches.

Although we are a society with the inherent need to stir shit up on a regular basis, there are some of us who just don’t care. Or, we care enough about ourselves to not subject ourselves to it. And, that’s sort of what yesterday was – a social media mind scrub. It might be considered unfair by some that I did this. That’s fine. Your prerogative. I mean, there must have been something about the blog(s) I liked initially, right? Yes. Until they got too big for themselves and decided spouting controversy was the way to get the numbers up.

Remember when I said power blogging is useless? The more a person blogs (usually about the exact same thing, in the exact tone and manner), it becomes redundant and people say “screw this” and leave. Wouldn’t being consistent blogging be a good thing, you ask? Yeah, of course. But let me toss the question back and ask you if you’d want to read consistently about some guy’s hatred for…well, everything…multiple times each day? Everyday?

Probably not.

If a person is blogging helpful and resourceful information, or participating in some kind of themed blog-a-thon, that’s cool. (Btw, I’m doing the Pagan Blog Project in 2015.) If a person is spouting racial and gender bullshit, not so cool. And it will get you off my blog faster than lightning.

That, my friends, is the beauty of the option to read what we enjoy and not subject ourselves to all the negativity.

Weigh in and tell me what type of blogs you like, don’t like or wish there were more of. I’d love to know.




Sooo, while getting together cute and funny memes for WriYe’s Tumblr page I came across this..



I found it on Google Images – the host page is Spiralytics 

The point being: I only blog twice a week. On both pages. Technically that’s 4x/week, right? NO! I’m a bad blogger! Bad…bad blogger…And, I’m not counting the guest stint on WriYe because that isn’t “mine”. 

Moving forward, starting in August, I’ll be posting a whopping 3x/week! Gasp! That third post will be strictly writing info I find surfing or happens to pop into my email from the uncountable newsletters I subscribe to. 

On that note…Happy Friday! I’ve got sorting and packing to do 🙂 *looks for shrink ray and easy button*