#Motivation Monday: #Wellness Edition

Okay, everyone. Time to get real.

I feel like crap. I’m exhausted, achy, emotions are fence-wobbling. Some may say “Oh, you’ve turned the corner of 40; it’s to be expected.” No, I don’t accept that.


Here’s what’s physically going on:

  • My left shoulder and arm have been killing me for about 3 weeks now. So, sleep is a bitch.
  • My sugar won’t balance no matter how well I try to manage it. I bottomed out in the 50s on Saturday and ended up calling out at work. It took the rest of the day to get it under somewhat under control. And last night I finally felt normalish.
  • I’m female – enough said.

So, what am I going to do about it all?

Shoulder: there’s a chiro center downtown. Sugar: micromanage my diet like an unskilled office worker. Femaleness: treat the cause, not the symptoms.

The only problem is the diet management. I like to keep track of everything I eat. At home, it’s no problem. I’ve got an app on my phone. At work it’s a bit harder and the only solution is to write everything down to add to the app later. I forget to do that a lot or I just don’t have time – not an excuse; truth.

As for making good food choices, I do pretty damn good 99% of the time. It’s no secret I like ice cream and chips. I don’t drink soda but maybe once a week, and then it’s limited on how much. I genuinely like salad. In fact, if it weren’t for red meat I’d be a lacto-ovo-pescatarian. Yes, that’s a thing. It means I eat dairy products, eggs and fish in addition to as much veggies/fruit as possible. And chicken.

Here’s an example: for breakfast today I had a hardboiled egg, banana with peanut butter and some grapes. Fast-forward 3 hours and my lunch was a small slice of mexican lasagne and some grapes. Fluids so far: 2 cups of coffee with creamer, and water. A lot of water.

Ugh, I need a nap…

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#Writer Wednesday: Reading List

Hi, there.

Since I haven’t really been writing, and have no update to give, I thought I’d share my current reading list. Thanks to college, I can read several books at one time. (Shout out to UMaine-Machias!)

Here’s what I’m reading at the mo:

  • Bel of the Brawl – Maggie McConnon; mystery paperback
  • The Devil’s Half Mile – Paddy Hirsch; historical thriller ARC (coming June 2018)
  • RitualCraft – Amber K & Azrael Arynn K; pagan and wiccan reference
  • The Women’s Small Business Start-Up Kit – Peri Pakroo
  • iPagan – Trevor Greenfield; a lot of info for pagans and wiccans, kinda heavy in places

I can say this: my job allows me to get free books. Both McConnon (small paperbacks like this are called “strips” when due back to the publisher) and Hirsch (advance reader copy, y’all) books were free. I also get a really sweet employee discount, which could potentially get me into trouble at some point. Because, books.

There are a few more books that I’m in the middle of, but I haven’t picked them up in a while so I’m not counting them. And, by “a while” I’m talking at least a year.

What are you reading? Have recommendations? Comment!

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#Pagan Friday: Altars, Full Moon and Beltane

Welcome to May, everyone!

I had a conversation the other night with a girl I met at work (she’s very new to the path) regarding stones and symbols. She asked why I chose those particular stones, and why I put them into the shape of the star. I explained my intention for this month is “balance” and each stone has a property to help with that intention. Also, the placement of them in a star shape helps me focus on that intent. Her response: “That’s so cool!”


From top, going clock-wise: Agate, Fluorite, Snowflake Obsidian, Amazonite and Clear Quartz

And here is the updated altar for Beltane, with the intention of balance set.

May/Beltaine Altar

The row of stones under the blue candle are (not in any order): Blue Quartz, Amethyst, Blue Howlite and Sodalite. These are Sagittarius stones – my birth sign.

This is not the best Full Moon picture I’ve ever taken, to be sure. But I had to get it. The last few full moons have been obscured by clouds and rain. Not optimal moon picture-taking weather.

Wind Full Moon

I like that I have someone local (whom I do not work with, although they’re all pretty chill about my path) who I can gab and share info with. She recently went on a weekend away and found 2 things: a gorgeous piece of opalite, and a book about crystals and stones. These finds were key for her in the moment and they called to her.

Isn’t that often how it goes?

If you’ve got a story or pictures to share, please do in the comments. I’d like to hear/see what y’all are doing with your path.

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#Writer Wednesday: Sites for Writers

Hi, everyone!

Happy Wednesday and May! It’s actually MAY, already. Can you believe it?

I found some sites that you’d like, I hope. Happy surfing!

There are SO many more out there, but here’s a good starting point. Enjoy!

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Motivation Monday: Change and Chance

It’s been a rather productive day here in Central Arkansas.

Laundry, dishes…all done. I managed to mend a pair of work pants (hole in pocket and popped button). Cleaned out the fridge. Set up my clothes for the week.

I also cleared, cleaned and changed my altar. I reset my intention for the month. May will be a month of balance. There will be more about this on Friday.

Change is bringing about chance, and the other way around.

I had the opportunity to get a Reiki Master certification and took it. It was official last week.

So, now I hold a minister’s ordainment and Reiki Master certification. The possibilities are damn near endless. All of the hard work I will be putting in over the next several months will be worth it.

So many metaphorical irons in the fire.

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#Pagan Friday: Library Edition

Books are important, generally speaking.

To a pagan, especially a solitary one, they are invaluable.

In my day job I’ve spoken with so many just starting out on their paths, or in the curious stage. Any time someone comes to the register with a book, I ask where they are in their path. It’s usually a rhetorical question depending on which books they’re buying, but it starts the conversation.

If you’re just starting out, here are my recommendations:

  • Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner – Scott Cunningham
  • The Circle Within: Creating a Wiccan Spiritual Tradition – Dianne Sylvan
  • Llewllyn’s Complete Book of Correspondences – Sandra Kynes
  • A blank journal or basic notebook
  • Current moon phase calendar

Literally, those 5 things will get you started. I have the ebook version of Correspondences, which is handy, but I really want the physical book. There are only so many options for highlighting and note-taking on an ereader. And it’s not the ereader’s fault. It’s the app with which one reads the book. Hence, physical copy.

There are some pagan writers whom I do not recommend, for one reason or another, but those are my personal opinions. Some are redundant, or too academic and dry. Some just make no sense.

When it comes to building your library and your own spirit book, the ultimate decisions are yours. Keep this in mind…

You will come across several writers who say the same thing. And that’s great. But, remember, they all learned from the same texts. And the majority of information has been condensed to become “common law”. If it makes sense to you, then go with it.

Also, food for thought: If you live in Southern California, your weather and seasons will not reflect those of Great Britain. You will need to adjust your connections with weather and seasons accordingly. Living in Maine was one thing; it was similar to GB. Louisiana and Arkansas? Not so much. Learn about your surroundings, the nature contained in it and that will take you farther on your path.

Blessed Be.

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Writer Wednesday

I haven’t written much of anything lately. And that’s fine. For now. I’ll be kicking my own ass when it gets to crunch time for VC publishing.

For today, I’ve got some neat links for you.



Kallie, 3 yrs ago

Wishing you all a productive Writer Wednesday *taking own advice*

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