Altars are a Girl’s Best Friend

Or, they can/should be.

Instead of having spread out altars and bookcases, I’ve consolidated my Craft stuff. Well, most of it, anyway. There are still stray candles and books hanging out and about, but I’m working on it. Here is where it stands as of right now:

March 16

The drawer is full of candles.

I had a couple of brilliant ideas for the sides: hanging stations for herb drying and magazines (I subscribe to Witches & Pagans and there are fantastic articles I want to keep). All I need are some eye hooks and (found) thin branches. Thought about buying dowles, but that’s no fun and Home Depot is not an ideal place to reconnect with nature.

Over time I’ll also add sigils and runes to the front frame using acrylic paints, then seal the whole thing. Yes, common sense dictates I should have done the markings and sealing before setup, but that idea came after. Of course.

This is something my Grandma used to make and showed my cousin and I how to do them as well. I need to make these next year. Love and miss her so much! Lavender Wands  !!  2013

Found on Pinterest – unfortunately I was unable to track down who posted it originally.

It’s time, too, to bring out the Ostara lovies. We have a pale blue bunny and a few other things. I really, really want to get ahold of some lavender and ribbon to make lavender wands. Have you seen these? So beautiful!

Honestly, I can get sucked down, what we call, the Pinterest hole more often than I care to admit. Mike likes Wikipedia. I like Pinterest. It could be worse. 🙂

Back to the altar. I’m leaving it this way until Ostara and and won’t be changing anything until Beltaine. Not with Mercury going retrograde on the 22nd, anyway. And you know I’ll be saging the hell out of this place before and after. May need to grab another bundle at The Stone Maiden. Or, five.

And on that note. I wish everyone a safe and happy St. Patrick’s weekend and New Moon.

Y’all be careful out there.

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Motivation Monday: Side Hustle Edition

These days you’ve got to have multiple income streams to get things done. Last month I took a hard look at how to do some good and make money in the process. Here’s what I came up with, and already rolled on.

Became an ordained minister via the Universal Life Church. And yes, it’s legal and accepted basically anywhere in the States. For now I’ll only use it in the county where I live, although Doug at the county records office said it would be usable in the entire state. If successful, I’ll branch out to the surrounding counties. With this I can perform weddings, funerals, handfastings, baptisms, and a ton of other ceremonies.

Will become a notary public, which is good statewide and in neighboring states. Ever needed a notary but couldn’t find one last minute? Been there myself, so that’s what I’m banking on.

I’m also toying with some craft ideas to sell locally. This will be the most time consuming endeavor, but likely the most profitable. I’m in with two great ladies – Amber and Toni, and their Chihuahua, Diva Boo (my nickname for her)  – at my favorite metaphysical shop and may approach them for consignment sales. Otherwise, it will be festivals when I have the time and likely online sales via Etsy (or something similar). Some ideas I had:

  • handcrafted walking sticks using found branches
  • cute little bags (like Vera Bradley, but so much less expensive)
  • wrap sundresses for every age
  • simple jewelry

I’m researching my ass off and working out a business plan of attack, complete with basic cost analysis.

And, no, I won’t stop writing. Hell, this endeavor itself would make a damn good story.


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Fun Writer Activities 

You ever feel like you need to do a writing something and feel creative, but it just isn’t happening?

Enter the story flower…

Drawing flowers is fun, something I can do and feel good doing. I created 4…here are 2.

With VC, the larger petals represent the eight sabbats. Smaller petals are stages of writing, and vines are stages of publishing. Or, my interpretation of them. I did these on 7Ă—10 art paper, divided the page in half and marked holes for punching. They’ll go in my zippy thing for organization.

Below is the task manager for VC. The goal is have this thing done by my birthday this year. It doesn’t look like much has been done, but it’s only March. We’ve got this month for EdMo, 2 Camp NaNos and WriMo. I think I can make it happen.

VC mar1

The flower and task manager don’t quite line up, I know. The flower is more or less a pretty version with fewer steps. The task manager is more accurate and breaks it down better.

What are some of your tools for managing writing tasks?

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We All Need a Little Motivation

I found some stuff to share about motivation. Bujo posts, memes, words of encouragement. They’re out there just waiting to be shared.


Image result for motivation memes

On the personal side of things: Date nights are a priority (We watched Get Out last night and had meatloaf – my guy can cook!), my “spiritual cup” is morphing and filling, and time management and tasks are improving. While the laundry was doing it’s thing, I managed to get about 10 things accomplished. Why not? That’s like 90 minutes of available time!

Good things are happening.

What are some of your motivational tools, tips, tricks?

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Pagan Friday is back!

Hi, everyone! How are we? Been awhile, I know.

I’ve got a couple of pics for you.

FM mar 1

March 1 Full Moon

angelfish babies

Angelfish babies!

Yesterday I put my jewelry outside to reset and suck up all the good Full Moon energy. Tonight I’ll bring them back in and put them on. I feel naked without those pieces: 3 hematite rings, a citrine pendant, carnelian bracelet, tigers eye bracelet, and the sterling silver bracelet with moon phases my cupcake gave me for Christmas.

The last few weeks have been crazy because of work, but I’m slowly getting back on track. With everything happening, I’ve been scattered and need to reinvest in the pathwork I’ve chosen. What better time than now, right? Next is an altar cleansing and planning for Ostara. More on that next week, though.

In general blogging news…Because things are getting back to normal, I plan on blogging more. At least 3 times each week. Some will be articles I found interesting, other blog links, photos, personal plans and happenings, and writing news. It should look something like this:

  • Motivation Monday
  • Writer Wednesday
  • Pagan Friday

That’s the plan, and hope, I have moving forward. I’m already working on Monday and Wednesday so with luck there will be something here for you to read.

Have a great weekend, everyone! And thank you for sticking around.

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Woo, Novembrrrrrr!

Happy 1st Day of Novembrrrr and #NaNoWriMo!

If you look to the right, you’ll see I’ve met and passed the standard 1,667 word count for today. That’s no coincidence. Today is also November WriDay over at #WriYe and I signed up for 2500 words. Both goals met! Woo! Let’s see how long I can keep this momentum going.

Today I wrote a pivotal scene for VC-Samhain. I know, I haven’t released any info on any of the characters, but once I get a better feel for who’s doing what and when, I’ll give the skinny. Suffice it to say, the main characters in this part finally stopped fighting the match made by the gods and admitted their feelings. Hey, it’s a generational piece. Someone has to hook up and make babies, right?

Ho are yall doing on your NaNo projects? Share in the comments.

Happy writing!

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NaNoWriMo is on the Horizon



The name can strike fear into the most dedicated of writers. A 30 day, 50,000 word marathon. Not for the faint hearted.

We’re 2 weeks away from this epic journey and, like many out there, I’m not even close to ready. My timeline has escalated since I start orientation today. I spent Wednesday through Friday of last week working on the timeline and outline for VC, as well as trying to mentally prep myself for going back to work. Granted I’ve only been out of work for 5 months, but that’s long enough to slack off and lose the mind powers associated with a paying job.

Back to NaNo…

One part of prepping (or, Preptober) was to mark all the lost transitions in the existing story. I also cut huge chunks. Nobody said writing was easy. The missing scenes and transitions didn’t take away from the story; they created opportunity for better, more developed writing.  That opportunity, combined with the desire to get this thing at least half finished by year’s end, will only benefit me. And, in the end, the story.

Here’s my advice to anyone doing NaNo for the first time: follow #NaNoWriMo and #NaNoPrep hashtags on Twitter, use the search function here (and Tumblr) to look for other bloggers writing about it, and read all those emails that NaNo sends out as well as their FaceBook posts. Seriously, they’ll help with the actual NaNo act.

At home, at work and with real life people: let everyone know you’ll be busy for 30 days. Break out or buy a crock pot, plan meals for the week and prep ahead of time. Write on the train, bus, on breaks. Set reminders in your smartphone’s calendar app for eating, showering, human interaction, sleeping. Create a rewards system for daily (min is 1,667 words/day) and weekly (11,669 words/week) writing goal achievements. A lot of us use leftover Halloween candy as part of that reward, or part of the survival kit.

Yes, a survival kit.

Favorite beverages, chocolates, scented candles or incense, a stuffed mascot or 5. Whatever you need to get you through those 30 days. Something a lot of WriMo’ers do is create a music playlist to inspire and energize their writing. I use Spotify and have playlists for all my WIPs. It’s free – that means there are commercials, but they’re few and far between. Suggestions would be video game background music and instrumentals (no words = no distractions), or soundtracks to LotR and Game of Thrones.

There are word counter widgets you can get on the NaNo site to add to your blog. Public accountability is a major factor. The counters help the world cheer you on!

What are your NaNo plans? What genre are you writing? Share in the comments.

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