A NaNoWriMo’s Brain

As you can see I’m a smidge behind. Almost 12k behind. There is a bright spot, though. At least, I think there is…

I have the next 3 days off. 3 whole days.

Right now I’m sitting at the dining table, trying to thwart Kallie’s plans of using her tree house as a jump point to canoodle (which is a real word!) with the tv. She has no idea what’s happening; I sympathize with her.

There are 3 hours left in today and, with 10 hours of sleep in me last night and a short shift at work, I could easily spend tonight writing. And the wee hours of tomorrow. Honestly, I just want to watch tv and eat junk food. But, I won’t. I’ll write and eat junk food 🙂 Sour cream & onion chips or M&Ms, that’s the question.


Oh, and I figured something out with the story I’m NaNo’ing. It will fit nicely in the “Viktic Crossing” story collection I’ve been writing (off and on) for 2 years. All I need to do is change the names and I’m golden. Then, I need to go back and rework the generation or 2 before it. Shit, I don’t know. Soon I’ll start questioning the whole project. Again.

I decided on the chips.

So, yeah. I’m thinking, because “VC” is a collection, I’m going to finish at least a couple of the stories in it for NaNo. They count… I’ve figured out that I lose steam on a story about 10k words into it. If I really sit down and hammer out some content on at least 2 stories over the next 3 days I should be close to, if not on, target and caught up. Feast or famine, baby.

Sadly, I have to move to the couch.

Oh, and Tuesday 11/17 (according to the WriYe calendar) is WriDay. It’s a long-distance sprint, if you will. You choose from 5k, 10k, 25k, or even 50k (it can be done) word clusters and just bang that shit out. Tip: If your goal is 1,667 NaNo words/day and are behind 3 days, go with 5k. you’ll make up 3 whole days of writing! Genius, I tell you.

I want another soda. Like, really want. And there are less than 3 hours til Midnight, now. Do I really need the soda? Pfft, no, of course not. But I want it, and technically it is my Friday. I limit myself to 1 soda per day, most days. Well, I try to, anyway. Opps, need to take my meds…And fix the coffee pot for tomorrow.

Oh, look. Angels & Ornaments is on Hallmark Movie Channel. I have a serious case of the Christmas Spirit this year. It’s pretty amazing. For the last several years, I had little or none. This year, though. Tons. I’m already listening to holiday music and buying holiday-themed things (mini-stockings and hand towels). Started shopping for gifts. We’re not doing an actual tree – the aforementioned acrocat – but will string garland on the curtain rod and around the dining room light. And window clingies. I love window clingies.

Down to barely 2.5 hours…I should write.

Ok, I’m gonna write.

Dear Writer


I know youre struggling to make this writing thing happen. Its okay.

We’re going through it, too.

Writing isn’t a race to the finish line. It isn’t about who gets there first. Its about doing what you can, when you can. Its about getting those thoughts on paper.


Whether you use a computer, pen and paper, voice recorder or sticky notes, know you can do this. It isn’t always easy or fun. Sometimes its downright painful. The point is you’re doing it, this thing called writing.

We are on your side, cheering you on and shouting your name.

You are a writer, and you can write.

It Begins…


That’s right. It’s November. And you know what that means.


I threw my writer’s cap in the ring late last night after about a month of careful thought.

This year is different. This year, I have a job. One that tends to wipe me out most days and leave little room for much else. Plus, I’m still co-mod’ing the WriYe Tumblr blog. Part of me was like, “Oh, it’s only 1,667 words per day.” Another part was “But it’s 1,667 words a day. Don’t we want sleep this month?” Clearly, I’m doing NaNo. Over there —> you’ll see my handy word count ticker thingy.

Day 1: 2,064/1,667

Translation? I win Day 1.

Now, granted, not all 2k words are part of the same story. But I wrote, which is basically the entire purpose of NaNo. I spent 200 words chronicling Mike’s ESO game play. Another 250 on something that could potentially be a short story…maybe. The rest could become a side line in a current project. And, sadly, that project was been sitting there whimpering like a kicked puppy. So, attention inadvertently paid.

What are potential obstacles to making NaNo my bitch this year?

Work, illness, TV (especially if there’s a Vikings or Good Witch marathon), The Cat, lack of coffee, naps. You get the idea.

What about all of you? How’s your NaNo so far? Pantsing or planning? Hopped up on caffeine or sticking to water? What do you put in your NaNoWriMo survival kit? I’ll post a pic of mine in the next week.

Fully-Eclipsed Blood Moon and Tarot Tales


Sept FM1 Sept FM2

I tried to capture the eclipse in all its glory, but it just wasn’t in the cards. Instead I was restricted to a cloudy “regular” Full Moon. It’s cool, though. The clouds parted long enough for me to see the Blood Moon. Waiting and watching allowed me the rare opportunity to talk with my neighbor – a super-nice lady – and her son.

After that I decided to pull out the tarot cards and do spread. Sadly I can’t remember what it’s called (other than Full Moon Spread) or where I found it. Either way, none of what I saw really surprised me all that much. Also, I had divine feline assistance.

Sept FM Tarot

The Gist: If I don’t change the way I’m running myself, I’m going to end up very sick. I’m not in balance, obviously. My mind & body are in go-mode way more than not-go-mode. IE – work, non-work cleaning and tidying, learning. I don’t just sit and enjoy myself like I should when I’m home alone. My elements aren’t in sync, either. And, Saturn was the more prominent planet in the spread (4/7 cards). The cards were saying, “Lady, you need to chill for a bit and re-prioritize. Your relationship is good, thriving even, but the rest is…meh. Work on that other stuff.”

So, my plan starting now, is to do more of what I enjoy: finding peace in nature, a hot bath and cup of jasmine tea in the evening, listening to soothing music, cooking, writing and reading fiction. High on the list is reconnecting with my Pagan pursuits. I’ve been remiss and neglected that part of me.

On a side note, the beautiful Full Moon has totally screwed with my entire system – not sleeping right/good/much, appetite way off, inability to really focus. And the cat…sigh…she’s had nothing but attitude since Thursday. Naturally, it’s worse in the evenings. As much as I adore the Moon and all Her abilities, I’m looking forward to the New Moon in a couple weeks. She lets me sleep and isn’t as…persistent.

Feel free to share your Full Moon tales (and links to moon pics) in the comments. I’d love to hear about how you enjoyed the cosmic event 🙂

Writing, What?


The outline for the Bayou Project has been released from its prison (the butterfly clip in the back cover of my planner) and given a once-over. This poor creature needs a major overhaul. Right now it’s roughly 12k words. If anything, the story is done but will get bits taken out. There’s a problem with flow and the characters don’t feel right.

“Rising” has seen better days. The story itself is decent, but (again) doesn’t flow. The characters don’t have much consistency (in evolving/devolving), they don’t know what they’re doing, and half of them will probably be taken out or taken out.

I created blogging schedule sheets (because I’m a dork) for here, Tumblr and WriYe. It’s September, an odd month, so that means most of my writing/online time is spent working on the WriYe blog. Figures I’d pick a crazy month to get back into my personal blogs. I’ve got a great support for my writing (thank you, babe) and blogging is a big piece of that.


Now, I do have an idea for a short story; I’ve mentioned it before, I think. Like, a month ago. Starting next month when things calm down a little, I’ll start blogging it. Actually writing it here for you all to see. It should be an interesting experiment, if nothing else.

My writing support station has all the guides I could possibly need, until I find a new how-to book I can’t live without. Also, I swear I don’t work for Writer’s Digest. Just wanted to put that our there.


I’ve been rolling the concept of ‘genre’ around in my brain lately and decided I don’t have to conform to a single one. Not that I really ever have, mind you. It’s fun to take elements from a few and meld them together. I’m also learning there’s a great possibility of imbalance if not used properly. Cross-genre writing is pretty cool. It can open doors to new/different audiences.

Pagan Monday


Good Monday!

It’s been awhile since I did a Pagan post, huh? Well, I’ve got pics, links and updates on what I’ve been up to with my pathwork.

First up: Altars. I was recently given a beautiful bookcase – we love free – and now all but Water have a permanent pace. Those empty shelves will be home to Mike’s gaming/graphic novel items at some point. He has statues, books, stuff like that (and a kitty bed). So, in a way, that side will be his altar, too. Hey, we share around here.


Second: Learning. One can never learn enough. I haven’t bought any new books, but I’m slowly getting through the books I have. One the one hand, I’m clearing my TBR. On the other, I’m constantly learning. I also did what I’ve seen countless others do: photocopy tarot cards and add them to their Books, including the basic info and impressions along side. This may take awhile although I started with the smaller Voice of the Trees oracle cards created by Mickie Mueller. She is one seriously talented lady!

Third: Organization. I’m trying to get myself back on track (in general). I took an afternoon and revamped the office – which houses the bookcase. All my Pagan-ness is in one spot, as is my writing gear. This is part of my 1-room-at-a-time cleaning plan.

Fourth: Participation. Pagan Pride Day is fast-approaching! We will most definitely be going. I’m also considering joining the Acadiana Spiritual Association. I might not get to go as much as I want, but the time I will be able to spend will be invaluable. This is a huge step for me, one I’m not sure I’m 100% ready for. But, I won’t know unless I try.

Lastly: Get my ass outside more. What good is believing in a nature-based spirituality if I don’t go outside?? I can drive 20 minutes and be immersed in gorgeous natural settings. Not only that, but the property we live on has ponds, trees and flowers. I mean, come on! Hell, I could sit on the little patio and stare at the massive Water Oaks or camellia trees right there. Seriously, they’re right there.

Review: ‘Bible Study for Pagans’


If you’re looking for a no-nonsense interpretation of the Bible – even if you’re not Pagan but interested in the Bible stories – then this book is probably for you. Fred Nichols turns the Bible on it’s ear and creates a really cool narrative out of something that is a huge hurdle for many.

I tried reading the Bible, once; I didn’t very long.

Nichols includes passages from the Bible where it matters and gives us a better idea – through what I’d consider modern storytelling – of what went down, and who wrote it. The entire Bible is covered, more or less, in some fashion. Parts are hard to get through (It wouldn’t be a Bible interpretation without difficulty, right?), but the narrative Nichols uses helps a lot.

I’d recommend this for people who’s interest is piqued by the stories but don’t have the patience to read the Bible cover-to-cover. You can pick up either Kindle or paperback versions of Bible Study for Pagans on Amazon.

The Truth In The Lie


My absence from social media hasn’t all been because of work and (lack of) desire to write. The Truth is, I’ve been avoiding most of my usual haunts due to the increase in negativity and judgement closing in like a plague.
Whatever the outlet, no matter the time, our lives have become a constant cycle of who to blame and for what. It’s everywhere; there is no escaping it beyond disconnecting from social media. WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr…especially Tumblr…all have morphed into breeding grounds for hatred and discontent. God forbid someone have a difference of opinion or lean in a political/religious angle was don’t agree with.
What happened to standing together? To loving another human being regardless of all that bullshit?
Yes, it is our right to disagree with someone. But is it disagreement when we base the perception of an entire population on the actions of a few?
I have black friends, Hispanic friends, gay friends and friends from varying religious/spiritual standpoints. I won’t automatically discount them because someone in his or her demographic behaved badly. What’s the point?
Here’s what I will do, though.
I’m going do a social media cleansing. All the blogs, Twitters and FB friends who perpetuate this mass intolerance are going bubye. That is my right as a social media user and, more than anything, a goddamn human being.
Thanks for stopping by – peace!

FREE Kindle Downloads This Weekend

FREE Kindle Downloads This Weekend

Reblogging in honor of Pop Harold 🙂

The Vision Mechanic

Yeah, that was a bit clickbait-ish, but it’s still true. Starting midnight on August 29th, every one of my books will be FREE in the Kindle store. That’s a total of six books, all available for download on your Kindle, all for free.

So what’s the occasion?

Four years ago, my dad’s dad passed away. My family was able to stand at his bedside as he left this world behind. My first book, Blue Like the Sky, is a collection of the blog posts I wrote during his final months, and I felt it would be fitting to give the book away in honor of Pop Harold.

But why stop there?

My book, You’re Still Here, is a guide to help parents after the death of a child. Couldn’t people use it?

Both of my short story collections, Bulldawg (detective stories set in Athens, GA) and Warm…

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