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CampNaNo 2.1


Hey, y’all. How’s Camp going? Hopefully you’re slaying your goals!

Me? My goal is 7500 words and I’m sitting at just over 2k. Like last time, I’m using daily prompts from Writer’s Book of Days as my guide, and just plunking existing characters in where they fit best. 

If they don’t fit, that’s cool, too. I can use them for a story later on. 

I also went over Jan-June prompts and discovered a ton of material for existing WIPs. Plugging them in will be so much fun. Who knows the direction the stories will go! 

Let me know how you’re Camp adventure is going. 

Next week: Pagan Friday – with pictures.

New Year, New Me Bullshit


Yup, even I’m not immune.

In addition to my personal writing goals, I’ve been given the opp to basically run the WriYe Tumblr page. Thank you; hold your applause… Twitter and Facebook, too.

Santa brought me a FitBit Charg HR for Christmas. A purple one; Santa knows I love purple. One of my New Year/New Me goals was to start “getting healthy” like a billion other people. There just happens to be a resident-only fitness center a short walk from our door. Guess who hit it 2 days in a row…

Yesterday I logged 2.5 mi between the treadmill and elliptical. Today I said “fuck you evil elliptical” and logged another 2.5 on the t’mill. In fact, I made all my goals: steps,  activity duration, distance, sleep and water intake. My FitBit is friggin awesome.

The “unfortunate thing” about it is I’m limited in terms of workout clothes. Any of my fellow bloggers are more than welcome to share good places for inexpensive threads.

Back to writing updates…

I’ve chosen the 4 projects to focus on: Rising, Keeper of the Bayou, Viktic Crossing aaaaaand EQ. The plan is to have all 4 knocked out by end of the year and stagger published in 2017. Key word being “plan”. One project each quarter, with a different task for each month.

This quarter is all about Rising and January is thorough editing. February is new content and March is final edits and cover. I’ve got zero ideas about the cover, though. I don’t want stock photos; I want original artwork even if its me taking a photo and pasting words on it.

Now I’m mumbling. Queue bedtime.

Night guys and gals 🙂

The Truth In The Lie


My absence from social media hasn’t all been because of work and (lack of) desire to write. The Truth is, I’ve been avoiding most of my usual haunts due to the increase in negativity and judgement closing in like a plague.
Whatever the outlet, no matter the time, our lives have become a constant cycle of who to blame and for what. It’s everywhere; there is no escaping it beyond disconnecting from social media. WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr…especially Tumblr…all have morphed into breeding grounds for hatred and discontent. God forbid someone have a difference of opinion or lean in a political/religious angle was don’t agree with.
What happened to standing together? To loving another human being regardless of all that bullshit?
Yes, it is our right to disagree with someone. But is it disagreement when we base the perception of an entire population on the actions of a few?
I have black friends, Hispanic friends, gay friends and friends from varying religious/spiritual standpoints. I won’t automatically discount them because someone in his or her demographic behaved badly. What’s the point?
Here’s what I will do, though.
I’m going do a social media cleansing. All the blogs, Twitters and FB friends who perpetuate this mass intolerance are going bubye. That is my right as a social media user and, more than anything, a goddamn human being.
Thanks for stopping by – peace!

FREE Kindle Downloads This Weekend

FREE Kindle Downloads This Weekend

Reblogging in honor of Pop Harold 🙂

The Vision Mechanic

Yeah, that was a bit clickbait-ish, but it’s still true. Starting midnight on August 29th, every one of my books will be FREE in the Kindle store. That’s a total of six books, all available for download on your Kindle, all for free.

So what’s the occasion?

Four years ago, my dad’s dad passed away. My family was able to stand at his bedside as he left this world behind. My first book, Blue Like the Sky, is a collection of the blog posts I wrote during his final months, and I felt it would be fitting to give the book away in honor of Pop Harold.

But why stop there?

My book, You’re Still Here, is a guide to help parents after the death of a child. Couldn’t people use it?

Both of my short story collections, Bulldawg (detective stories set in Athens, GA) and Warm…

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That One Time, in My Head…


…I had an idea. And that idea was to blog a short story. Maybe 5k words. Blogging a story seems to be all the rage, right now.

The way my writing has(n’t) been lately, I’m not sure if I actually want to do it or not. A week ago I wrote a little something, about 300 words. Its basically an intro to a longer story and all haphazard.

What’s stopping me? Same thing as always, ultimately.


I have tons of support to get back into writing. When it comes to it, though, I’m too goddamn tired. After working all day, or cleaning and cooking…I just don’t have it in me.

Guess I’m waiting for that magic moment when the planets align and Mercury’s not in retrograde, Jupiter is in the perfect house…sigh. I’ll be waiting a long-ass time.

Ok, enough bitching.

Let’s do this.

Deadline? What Deadline?


So I’d planned on publishing Rising on the 31st. That was the deadline I’d set for myself. “Was” being the operative there.

I’m moving it back a few days because of work…and plain ole lack of motivation. It still needs some love. There are five spots requiring a smoother transition, 3 plot holes to fill/fix and about a dozen consistency issues.

There is still no cover art or blurb.

New deadline: April 3, 2015.


Bartelby, My Award Winning Cat (RP)

Bartelby, My Award Winning Cat (RP)

A wonderful tribute! It made my heart smile 🙂

Trent's World (the Blog)

Bartelby was a very athletic cat. One way you can read this sentence is that he often got into very weird places. For instance, once when he was a very small kitten we were woken up in the middle of the night by the sounds of meowing. Turning the lights on we found Bartelby sitting on a curtain rod maybe eight feet (about two and half meters) off of the floor.

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Pagan Friday



This, my friends, was how I spent some time appreciating the Full Moon and giving thanks to the Goddess last night.

I love her, but She doesn’t always reciprocate. The Moon has a deeper connection to those born under a Water Sign, which I am definitely not, so it’s no big surprise that her effect on me is…not exactly a positive one.

Restless sleep, emotions running high. I’ve been like this since I can remember. Even as a child I didn’t sleep well during Full Moon week. And once I started “womanhood”? Ugh! Hell to pay if they coincide.

So what better way to pay tribute than a hot bubble bath (lavender and citrus) in a South-facing room? This was all I could muster after a full day at work.

I had a really rough night last night: nausea, high blood pressure (too high) and too little sleep. Perhaps the New Moon falling on the first day of Spring will bring a higher caliber dedication – and no yucky feels.

My readings have been going well. I stopped reading the Israel Regardie book – couldn’t get my mind around it. Still reading the Encycolpedia, Celtic Twilight, Golden Dawn and a few other things. I may adjust the amount I read, because some of these books are pretty intense.

What did yall do to celebrate the Full Moon?

Pagan Wednesday!


Today was my first “active” New Moon day in a couple of months.

I took a healing herbs bath – complete with yellow candle, moonstone and rose quartz for boost. There was a new addition to my ritual bath this month. Our 5.5 month-old kitten, Kallie. She hung out on the side of the tub and chilled, slurped some of the water (pet safe, I promise). The bonus? She’s been quiet and all snuggly since. We even had a serious nap after lunch.

Something else I hadn’t done since my birthday was a tarot spread. Basically, changes are coming and I need to be on top of my game, work on communication and get reacquainted with my Spirit. (North) 2 of Disks – Change; (East) IV The Emperor; (South) 3 of Disks – Works; (West) King of Wands; (Center) XX The Aeon. I’ll be spending some time with my cards on off-work days, as this is the deck I picked up in New Orleans. wpid-20150218_110311.jpg

There’s some big cosmic things happening today, too. I stumbled across this neat little article from Tania Gabrielle about the New Moon of Abundance. If you haven’t read it yet, go there now and do it. It’s really good. While you’re out and about, stop by and read Danielle Blackwood’s blog post on the hair-thin Aquarius/Pisces Cusp. I love learning about these things!

On the reading front…still reading Israel Regardie’s book; The Encyclopedia of Magick and the OccultInitiation; and The Celtic Twilight. I’ll have a quarter’s worth of book reviews to share, if nothing else. Also, still working on Spirit Dance – the only fiction piece on the list until next month.

There isn’t much else to share this time around. Well, other than I’ve got this growing wish list on a few pagan product websites. I has all the wants, it’s awful! I may have to pay a visit to the shop on Rena soon…