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Hasta la taco, June!


Much has happened since we last saw each other. May and June were…busy.

We moved to Arkansas and that took about 3 weeks to finalize the logistics. Housing, utilities, movers, etc. Oh and if you want your cat to ignore you for several hours, I can offer tips. Moving also means looking for work: I’m putting out resumes and submitting applications M-F. The last couple days haven’t been very fruitful, but I know I can’t be picky, either.

Here in the States, May 14 was Mother’s Day; the day after was the 1st anniversary of my mother’s passing. Add to that moving and Mother Nature being off her meds…I had a really rough week. Rough month. We both did.

June bought us a 9-day stint in Memphis for him and a 4-day excursion for my daughter’s graduation for me – simultaneously. He got back the day before I did. Things are finally starting to settle down, I think. Maybe. Fun thing: we discovered our bluray player is 3D compatible (the TV came with glasses)! I highly recommend Star Trek: Beyond and Doctor Strange in 3D.

Since tomorrow is July I figured I’d share my upcoming writing goals.

In the NaNoWriMo world, July is Camp 2.0. I hit April’s goal of 5k words, so I’m upping July’s to 7,500. Naturally I’m not sure which project to work on, so I’ll likely work on more than one. I spent this afternoon digging through current WIPs and story nuggets. So. Many. Projects. I also printed off June’s story/journal prompts to coordinate with WIPs. The bonus: I can insert these lil blips into nearly all. So, really, I do create new story content and hope a scene or backstory pops out of them.

We’ll see.

I’m going to try and post at least weekly from here out.

Thanks for sticking with me 🙂

A Year Can Bring So Much


Like most people, I’m thrilled 2016 is over.

Here’s a chronological breakdown of my year…

My daughter turned 18 at the end of March so I whirlwind-tripped to celebrate with her and my son. We ate out every day, went shopping and hit the movies. Basically the kids skipped school so we could hang out and spend time together. It was a great trip.

Two weeks after getting back we moved into a three-bedroom, 2.5 bath townhouse. The kitchen is adorable and we’ve turned this place into a real home. It’s a great place with room to move around. Small, quiet neighborhood and closer to our jobs. Our landlord is nice and our neighbor shares food he makes. It’s a win-win.

On May 15th my mom passed away. I went back up and took care of all her affairs, cleaned out her apartment and handled it very business-like. It’s finally hitting me, eight months later, I mean really hitting me, that she’s gone. I went through all the stages one goes though and have apparently saved the actual sad part of grief for now. We all process loss differently.

My boyfriend’s mom and sister came down and spent a few days with us in early June. He entertained them while I worked and we all took a day trip to New Orleans (a bittersweet experience). It was wonderful having them here, getting to know them. I hope they make the trip, again.

Somehow we both managed to get the week of Thanksgiving off so we drove up to St Louis to see his mom and sister. It was awesome – in the truest sense of the word. We visited the Arch and rode it to the top, hit the zoo and accidently attended Mass at the St Louis Cathedral Basilica (the Cardinal was in town!). Words cannot express the beauty in that church. The whole trip was great and I can’t wait for the next time.

I have thanked my man more than once for sharing his mom amd sister with me.

Work has kept me on my toes. We “lost” a store manager and 3 associates in a six-week period. Then another manager was in a major car accident and out for 11 days. Needless to say I’ve been busy at work. Last month I had 6 days off – 1 of them was Christmas (whole company was closed). Things will be changing on this front this year. Probably going full time, supposedly getting a cost-of-living raise, and potentially spending 1 day a week visiting stores in my area as an unofficial in-house auditor.

Writing was quite non-existent. I wrote very little; just didn’t have it in me. I’m a supporter of writing to facilitate healing, and I totally need to take my own advice, but I don’t know where to start.

Which brings me to goals for 2017…

  • Write more.
    • Actually finish one of my WIPs and prep it for publishing at the end of the year.
  • Get healthy and hopefully lose some weight.
    • Make better food choices – first up: no chips! 
    • Get back into yoga and meditation.
  • Be out in the world more (ASA membership and council participation will help satisfy that part).
  • Develop my spiritual path more deeply (ASA, again).
  • Read more.
    • Fiction, nonfiction, whatever. I just need to read.
  • If it doesn’t make me happy, it goes away. Life is too damn short to fill my life with bullshit. Basically, I’m going to drink my own kool-aid.

Oh, and I turned 40 last month!

    Let 2017 be amazing!




    Back in May we went to Zoosiana for M’s company picnic. I met people he works with, had an authentic crawfish boil and checked out the zoo. Now, I’d been to aquariums but never a zoo. Do petting zoos at the fair count?

    About 3 exhibits in, it became abundantly clear that I’m never going to another zoo. Ever. I’ll never work at a zoo in any capacity, either. Take at look at this big beauty below. This, right here, is why I can’t go back. I’d get arrested for freeing the animals.


    I can understand the fascination humans have with exotic animals they otherwise wouldn’t see if not for zoos. I get it. But I could feel their unhappiness radiating like heat in the desert. Especially these 2 who were practically melting in the Louisiana heat and humidity. Or the 15 foot snake curled up in a tiny-ass plexi box. We skipped almost half the zoo because I was getting so pissed off and depressed. I was still sick, too, so there’s that.


    Our apartment is larger than most of the enclosures, but you’d never know it by observing my own resident wildlife.


    Getting Back in the Swing of Things


    I bought a new planner, and am anxiously awaiting it’s arrival.

    The InnerGuide 2015 Planner, Jan-Dec Calendar with Journal, Goal Planner & Organizer, Monthly, Weekly, Daily Appointment Book Makes a Thoughtful Gift

    InnerGuide Planners

    February has been…rough. I don’t have a concrete routine, but what routine I do have makes me feel like I can’t get anything done. My work  hours are either too late or early to get anything productive done. If I go in at 1, it’s like the morning is full of hurry-up-and-wait for work. If I work the first half of the day, it’s the opposite. I have too much time.

    Another thing that has been thrown out of wack is our eating schedule. It used to be we ate around 5. Now, if I get out at 6, sometimes we don’t eat supper until 7 – but most of the time Mike makes supper before picking me up. Or, we grab something on the way home. Or, like the other night, we got delivery.

    Writing? Ha! I’m still not productive. It goes back to routine. I very much need a day (probably tomorrow) to plan out March writing/blogging/spiritual pursuits. The beautiful planner should be here on Monday, which works out because I have Mon-Wed off next week.

    And, I have tomorrow-Friday off. The plan?

    Write. Catch up on Pagan things. Write.

    What a January


    How much did you enjoy Eloise stopping by? Isn’t she adorable? I consider myself lucky to have gotten to know her. 🙂

    So much has happened this month, but not really. It’s hard to explain… More like…The last week has been crazy. And February is shaping up to be even more hectic.

    Last Thursday (2 or 3 days after submitting my resume) I interviewed for an associate manager position with a national storage site company. Monday evening I was signing all the paperwork. You know, the paperwork. It took over an hour. Today, I had orientation with the store’s manager – it went well. He took me around the property, showed me how things go in the store, etc. It was an info-packed 3 hours! My brain is fried and I’ll likely be in bed pretty damn soon. Plus, I closed the truck door on my thumb right before I went in.

    As for my reading goals, the Encyclopedia of Magick and the Occult (or EMO, as I call it) is taking way longer than expected. I listen to Kindle Lady read it while I do chores. It takes the edge off. Israel Regardie’s book about the Golden Dawn might get finished by Saturday night. Some parts of it are a struggle, but it’s worth it – especially if you like to read in the tub. Easy way to kill an hour, relax and get some reading done. It’s a win-win-win. 🙂

    I mentioned in a previous post that I was going to read Madam Blavatsky in February…wrong. I looked on the reading list in my planner and saw it’s slated for March. I’m okay with that, what with a new job to train for next month and all. So, here’s my reading list for February (Luckily I get an hour lunch):

    • Continue Encycolpedia until it’s finished.
    • Continue Almanac, 365+ Journaling, Celtic Golden Dawn and Circle, Coven & Grove (those last 2 are sporadic and scheduled on certain days, as is Pagan and Christian Rome)
    • Celtic Twilight
    • Spirit Dance
    • Initiation of the Soul by Michael D Eggleston

    Now I’m curious. What’s on your TBR list? Share in the comments. 🙂

    Why Kittens and Altars Don’t Mix



    Miss Kallie struck, again. Instead of banishing her from the office, I’ve decided to reengineer the altar. Although, she does seem to have something against the peace lily…

    Above is Earth central; it faces North. Water (West) will go on my night stand. Fire (South) for the kitchen. Air (East) in the dining room area. I need to pick up a small shelf for Air. Possibly one for Fire. That’s what makes Paganism so great – the adaptability!



    I want to give a shout out to this laptop: I love your versatility and ability to make the couch my base of operations today. You’re awesome.

    It’s “winter”, which means illness of some kind. Even better is the flu is reaching epic proportions here in the US and the type of flu affecting everyone isn’t being curbed much by the vaccines they received.

    Mike was sick over Christmas into New Year’s and, like all people who share space, I’ve come down with some form of cooties. I’ve felt yucky off and on for the last week, but last night I had a nice fever – complete with that weird, hot, creepy mouth feeling – and now I’m all achy. So far, no horrible bathroom situations. Like you needed to know that, right?

    On the positive, the average high temp is around 60 for this time of year. Everyone I’ve talked to in Maine is cold and tired of snow. Well, to be fair, anyone who’s been affected by the latest polar vortex is tired of it. I’m sorry, but I like this warm winter thing. I know, I know. Summer is just around the corner and I probably won’t want to go outside. So, I’m going to make the most of the “good” weather while I can. You know, when I’m not sick anymore.

    The hosting gig with WriYe is going really well. If you haven’t been over to see it yet, you should. Today is Motivation Monday, which is a combo of fun and inspirational stuff. Tomorrow is Tips Tuesday and I need to get those in queue.

    Oh! One last thing before I sign off. I signed up for FutureLearn’s Renewable Energy course. 4 weeks of energy sustainability alternatives to fossil fuels. It starts today! Part of the reason I opted for this is research. In the Bayou Project, it makes sense for Willow to have some knowledge to combat Big Oil. The other part is just for me. I’d like to know more.

    Ok, I guess that’s it. I hope you’re all having a good week. If your team didn’t win this weekend, I’m sorry. My Lions lost the week before so I’m cheering for NFC in the SuperBowl. As Leonard on BBT says, “Go, Sports!”