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Get Out, Do More


One of my goals this year is to get out and interact with people more often. Its actually a two-fold goal when I factor in a more active spiritual path.

Just before Mom passed last year I finally joined a local group – Acadiana Spiritual Association, or ASA for short – to expand my circle. (No pun intended.) I’d been a solitary for years, and decided it was then or never. 

In August I went to General Assembly as just an ordinary member. Two of the Council members were stepping down and I was asked to step up. So, I did. Fast forward to 1/18…I was confirmed for the Council and declared Secretary. Apparently I said I like to organize stuff and that was that. 

Being part of ASA and on the Council will give me the social interaction I need as well as set me firmly back on my spiritual path. I’ll be around people with similar interests, and have a voice in what activities are planned. There are many people out there in the same boat and those are the ones I want to help through this role. 

In August there was discussion about providing information to those who are curious about non-mainstream religions or just starting their paths. The last is something I can relate to more recently than the other Council members, and outreach is something I’m good at. 

2017 is certainly shaping up to be an interesting year.

Fully-Eclipsed Blood Moon and Tarot Tales


Sept FM1 Sept FM2

I tried to capture the eclipse in all its glory, but it just wasn’t in the cards. Instead I was restricted to a cloudy “regular” Full Moon. It’s cool, though. The clouds parted long enough for me to see the Blood Moon. Waiting and watching allowed me the rare opportunity to talk with my neighbor – a super-nice lady – and her son.

After that I decided to pull out the tarot cards and do spread. Sadly I can’t remember what it’s called (other than Full Moon Spread) or where I found it. Either way, none of what I saw really surprised me all that much. Also, I had divine feline assistance.

Sept FM Tarot

The Gist: If I don’t change the way I’m running myself, I’m going to end up very sick. I’m not in balance, obviously. My mind & body are in go-mode way more than not-go-mode. IE – work, non-work cleaning and tidying, learning. I don’t just sit and enjoy myself like I should when I’m home alone. My elements aren’t in sync, either. And, Saturn was the more prominent planet in the spread (4/7 cards). The cards were saying, “Lady, you need to chill for a bit and re-prioritize. Your relationship is good, thriving even, but the rest is…meh. Work on that other stuff.”

So, my plan starting now, is to do more of what I enjoy: finding peace in nature, a hot bath and cup of jasmine tea in the evening, listening to soothing music, cooking, writing and reading fiction. High on the list is reconnecting with my Pagan pursuits. I’ve been remiss and neglected that part of me.

On a side note, the beautiful Full Moon has totally screwed with my entire system – not sleeping right/good/much, appetite way off, inability to really focus. And the cat…sigh…she’s had nothing but attitude since Thursday. Naturally, it’s worse in the evenings. As much as I adore the Moon and all Her abilities, I’m looking forward to the New Moon in a couple weeks. She lets me sleep and isn’t as…persistent.

Feel free to share your Full Moon tales (and links to moon pics) in the comments. I’d love to hear about how you enjoyed the cosmic event 🙂

Pagan Monday on a Tuesday


We had less than stellar skies over the weekend, hence no pic of the Full Moon this time. I’m sure She was a beautiful sight, though!

I’ve been super lax in my studies, but today I created a Compass Wheel and spent a few hours looking through some of my books. Like my writing endeavors, pathwork has taken a hit.


The book in the photo is Ann Moura’s Grimoire for the Green Witch (Llewellyn, 7th printing, 2006). The Compass I did not do freehand – Thank you, Publisher program – but the writing is. I just needed a little help with the shapes and lines. And, it isn’t complete. Well, it is but it isn’t. There is a lot of information I want to add to it, although I think I’ll have to create another with a differing layout.

Creative struggles abound!

I’ve been feeling the pull of Water and seeing blue in almost everything, lately. A sign things are “backed up”, which means a long, healing, restorative bath is in order. Open up whatever seems to be blocked. It makes sense, when one thinks about it, given the writing snags. My Water altar is in the bedroom next to the bed on my side. Clearly it needs more attention than I’ve been giving it. That, and Air. Poor Air…that one’s in the office which I’ve barely been in except to water the plants.

Man, I really am out of wack…

Okay, that settles it. Time for that bath.

What blocks are you facing in your Path or creativity? And how do you tackle them? 

First Pagan Monday of 2015


In fact, my first Pagan post of the new calender year. There’s a fair bit to talk about, today.

On Thursday, our dear Kallie knocked over the peace lily sitting on my altar. I’d planned on changing it out for the new year and month later in the day, so she just spurred me into action a little sooner. Mike was a huge help, assisting in the clean-up efforts. Now, my altar is in my office/2nd bedroom and Kallie likes to visit in there when I’m working. Well, she’d been good and not been into anything so I left the door open. Bit of a mistake. We hear a crash and find the lily on its side off the altar. Lil Miss Thang has been banned for the room for awhile.


Yesterday was the first Full Moon of the year, for starters. Amazingly, it wasn’t cloudy here and I was able to see it. A gorgeous, full beauty. This pic was taken about 30′ from my door, looking up through an oak. Remember when I said some trees were still green? This kind of oak keeps its leaves in the winter.


We went out for ‘real nature’, too. I’m continuously blown away at the fact there are trees – not fir ones – with greenery on them. I collected nothing, just basked in the beauty of Lake Marin. The last few times, I’ve choked up when we go out and I can drink in nature. It’s so…just…awesome. In the truest sense of the word.


I’ve started reading Llewellyn’s 2015 Magical Almanac and The Encyclopedia of Magick and the Occult. Both are pretty good. The Almanac is wonderful, as always. The Encyclopedia is not really for experienced practitioners, unless you just want a refresher or to see what people are writing. And, in all fairness, I’m only a few days into it (plan is for the month) so we’ll see how it goes.

One of the goals I’ve set for myself is to beef up learning and practicing this year. While it will add to an already full life, I feel I need that deeper connection – for me. On good days I want to sit out by the pond and chill, and meditate more inside on yucky weather days. There is so much possibility, I can do whatever I wish. And, boy, do I have wishes.

There may be another Pagan post later in the month, I’m not sure. I’ve several open dates with nothing planned right now. Actually, I’m open to guest bloggers if anyone is interested. If you’ve got information, Pagan experiences, and the like – email me with “WP Pagan Guest” in the subject line.

New Orleans Adventure Weekend


What a marvelous weekend! We left at 7am Saturday and headed straight for a scouted-ahead-of-time lot to park for the day close to the French Quarter and Washington Square Park. This was our jump point for the day. 

We hit the Pagan Pride Day activities first, where I met some wonderful like-minded and super friendly people. Souvenirs? A tshirt, triple moon sandstone charging plate and cute little green Goddess.


Then I decided to drag Mike all over the French Quarter. We/I ate at this cute little café called Envie – coffee and a muffin for lunch. The architecture in this City is just amazing. Of course, we hit the obligatory stops: Bourbon St, Café du Monde – but couldn’t get near the place, St Louis Cemetery #1 to peek at Marie Laveau’s (rumored) resting place, and just everything.


After coming out of the Cemetery, I decided we needed a cab back to Washington Square Park to finish the day with PPD. We sat on a shaded bench and watched/listened to the drums. The band was having technical difficulties to most of those activities were tabled, and it started to sprinkle.


In all fairness, it was fucking hot, we were sweating balls and I wanted to pass out from heat exhaustion. What would have taken us close to 45 minutes walking only took a few by cab. And the cab had a/c. I love a/c. After about an hour, we headed to our hotel in Metairie and grabbed a bite to eat at Randazzo’s…we were asleep by 7.


Sunday took us to City Park where the NO Museum of Art and Louisiana Seafood Festival were. Now, just to be clear, it was once again as hot as Mercury (which is in retrograde). We parked over by one of the smaller ponds and hoofed it to the Festival. By the time we made a quick round at the Festival, it was blazing. That’s when we decided to hit the Museum and surrounding Sculpture Garden. Beautiful pieces of art tucked into little coves of greenery around a pond.


It was a short day…we were on the road headed home by 11:30.


Despite the lack of awesomeness at the Seafood Festival and surface-of-the-Sun temps, we were determined not to let those factors take away from the fact that we had a great time. The ride home was full of ideas for the next time we go, things we want to see/do and likely the best time to do them.


As a bonus, I found a lot of inspiration for the Bayou Project I’ve slated for NaNo next month. How could someone NOT be inspired by the city and its rich history? A lot of these architectural pics will serve me well.


I hope you’ve enjoyed the pictures as much as I enjoyed the experience.

Pagan Monday


The seasons are beginning to change, and its much slower than I’m used to. At this time of year in Maine, I’d be sporting a hoodie and (literally) dusting off “real” shoes in preparation of the cold. Hot cocoa would be on every grocery list, and I’d be watching for the new colors in nature. Louisiana will have a Fall, but not like Maine. And that is absolutely wonderful. We should all get to experience the seasons in different climates.


Harvest Moon playing Peek-a-Boo


My altar is slowly being added to – its amazing the number of common household items which can substitute or pull double duty when items are unavailable (for one reason or another). Note to those new to Paganism: If a ritual calls for certain spices or herbs, check your cabinet. In prepping a mini-altar for Isis, I made a small paper dish and raided the spice cubby for herbs associated with her: cumin, pepper, rosemary and cinnamon (these also work for the South/Fire corner of your altar since they are “warm” herbs).

I’m also working on a small mandala. Making these are a brilliant form of therapy. Turn off all the noise, light a candle and some incense, and just enjoy the peace. There’s something about creating which soothes and heals. For some its cooking; For others its a craft. Building a mandala around personal affirmations is a great way to boost the spirit and heart.


Oh, and I found this awesome little shop called Heaven on Earth. I snagged a few small candles and holders, and the hematite ring. Spent $12.05! The ring was to help combat headaches; so far, so good.

Pagan Sunday (with pictures!)


Pagan Sunday is back! But now its on Monday!

So far my time in Louisiana has been powerful! I’m more sensitive to the influences and rhythms of everything around me, my path work has increased and I feel more in touch with myself. Oh, and I have some pictures 🙂



This is the altar in my office. It’s got dedicated corners for the elements and directions, and I’m adding to it slowly. There are pieces from Maine, NM and Louisiana on it, each representing a place I’ve lived. Building upon this altar will be nothing short of amazing.


Here is the very tiny altar for Thoth next to our bed. It, too, will be built upon. I have plans for increased work with Thoth, and expanding further into the Egyptian pantheon in general.

Something else I noticed about myself is the way I sleep here. I sleep better. The only exception to this was during my cycle. It was right before the Full Moon, too, so that didn’t help BUT over all I haven’t slept this well in a long time. And, from what I’m told, my sleep-talking has become clearer (the other night I was either craving or fighting avocados).

It isn’t letting up, either. Our trip to Jungle Gardens gave me a HUGE nature boost – something I hadn’t had since we were in Little Rock in June.