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 Here is where you will find all things Timing – purchase links, reviews, blurbs, off-the-cuff comments from friends I took off my personal FB page (with their permission, of course). Any updates related to the book will be here, as well.

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“I give Timing a five star because I liked it that much. I did. I loved the way the author developed the characters and I loved the life battles they faced. It’s a great story about love and family and the author delivers a very intense ending.” – Michael Edward, author of The Beginning of the End; Fearlings; Promises and Sandman series, Why and Lost Within Many 

Obsidian Kept cover (850x637)

My second story – Obsidian Kept – is a decidedly adult fantasy short story. Taking place in, what would be considered, the 15th or 16th centuries, it’s a tale of kidnapping, submission and, ultimately, love. What makes this story so unique is neither of the main characters have names; they are simply The Lady and The Lord. Originally, I planned for their names to be known at the very end, but thanks to my friend Sue, it was necessary to the flow of the story to keep them name-free. Obsidian Kept is full of magic and mystery.

Description: With a pedigree and an appetite for finer things, The Lady isn’t used to being told what to do. But when the god-like Lord of a neighboring kingdom kidnaps her, she finds herself giving in to his demands and learns that appearances – like intentions – can be deceiving. Truths will be revealed in their own time, and in this mountain kingdom time is relative.

Amazon US    If you decide to purchase Obsidian Kept, please post a review on Amazon.

A collection  of short stories and poems, Cravings explores the dark recesses of the mind. Death, abuse and mental instability are discussed in narrative fiction form, and bring to light those thoughts we all have, but are afraid to talk about.

Cravings Genre of this collection is Fantasy, Paranormal, Psychological and just plain disturbing. While writing this, I pulled a lot of unhappiness from myself and created a rather unique collection. It isn’t recommended for young children, as there is language and “graphic” scenery (no sex).

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If you decide to purchase Cravings, please leave a review on Amazon.


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