Yup, been awhile. I know. Day job and such.

So, I found something out while researching how to build a Reiki business…I can’t. I mean, I can, but it would cost more than 6 months of rent.

Each state has it’s own regulations regarding anything and everything even remotely medical. As well there should be. In the state of Arkansas, I would need the following:

  • Minimum completion of Massage Therapy course (even for hands-off Reiki)
  • Subsequent exams to become state-licensed
  • Multiple applications for licensure, business permits, etc
  • Continuing Education seemed appropriate by the state

That’s about $7,000.

Plan moving forward: Work on friends, do distance sessions and take more Reiki courses on Udemy.

Second plan moving forward: Utilize the ordination I got in February and build on that. I’m considered independent and can pursue as I see fit.

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