#Pagan Friday: Litha Edition

Happy Summer to y’all in the northern hemi, and Happy (?) Winter to our southern friends!


So above is the Litha altar I set up yesterday. There are some continuing elements (feather star, owl, ball, bunny on a mirror, little goddess, silver goblets, tiny bowl of oats and acorns, angel) from previous altar photos. For Litha I added the blue harmony pillar, blue chime candles (lit), lapis, amethyst, sunstone, jar of carnelian (my bracelet broke a couple weeks ago). There is also a small lid with cinnamon, rosemary and sage.

I also did a tarot spread using the Thoth Tarot Deck (based on Aleister Crowley’s work, with paintings by Lady Frieda Harris).


The layout I found via Google at Ethony There are a ton of spreads and lots of info on the site. Definitely should check it out. The link will take you directly to the Litha spread. This is how my reading went:

  1. 5 of Cups > Disappointment. It would seem I’ve got a bunch of disappointment in myself and there is some in the world around me. I feel like there’s a general cloak of it on the world these days. One look at the media will tell you that. Yay, empath. Go, me.
  2. Knight of Wands > My power card. The passion part of fire. Basically, I like to get shit done, but it can cause a swell of pride so I need to slow my roll and not go “Look what I did!” all the time.
  3. Knight of Cups > The strength card. The fiery part of water. The ying-yang of tarot. My energies should be put into seeing things through. I’m hearing you, universe; I know there’s projects on the table.
  4. VI Trumps – The Lovers > Abundance card. There really is a lot of love and intelligence, here. But, I need to be careful it isn’t influenced by indecision. I see you up there, Knight of Cups.
  5. XXI Trumps – Universe > Literally, the world is my oyster. What I give out, I give back. I need to use the gifts given to me by the Universe and share them with whomever I can/wants them.

So how am I interpreting the spread? I think it was successful, didn’t really tell me anything I didn’t already know and helped inspire me a little. It also kicked my ass and said “Pay attention to your body better!”

Yes, Universe. I hear you.

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