#MotivationMonday: Side Hustle pt. 3


Udemy is having (as always) a huge sale on their courses. The majority of them are $10.99, with is maybe 5% of original course cost in some cases.

The Reiki Master/Teacher course I took was originally $200, and paid $9.99.

And no, I’m not affiliated with Udemy, or the course instructor, in any way. Just sharing information.

So, imagine my surprise to find the business-building course – by the same instructor – is listed right now for the $10.99 instead of $49.99. Totally onboard! Just bought it, the supplemental materials, etc.

There are 3 other Reiki-related courses I plan on taking through the rest of the year and hope to have everything in place to officially open a small business by January 1. I did have more ambitious plans, but they weren’t feasible. It’s all about timing, and I have to listen to that. For now I’ll learn, soak in all the info I can, and eventually be able to do this thing.

Til Wednesday 🙂

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