Motivation Monday: Side Hustle, part 2

Well, it is officially official!

I’ve got a growing collection of books to learn from, and an itch to get this rolling. This week I’ll have a copy of the Letter of Good Standing registered with the county clerk’s office and can begin this really cool new adventure.

One thing I’ve been carefully researching is creating a seperate website for this. There are several different options and I’ve got no friggin’ idea which to choose or where the focus needs to be. Do I want a dedicated web host? Do I need 3 terabytes of cloud space? Do I want it to look like a well-maintained blog or multimillion-dollar corporation? Do I want a special email address that doesn’t end in Yahoo or Google? How much do I want to pay?

I’ll tell you what I don’t want: to have it be an add-on here. It will need it’s own place to grow.

There is also the small business side of this to consider. How best to manage the legal aspects of it. How to do I decide that? Other than reading the 75 pages of the small business book I have – which is complicate as hell to understand – I’m at a loss. Although, I do have a handful of friends with small, home-based businesses (product-driven, though, not service) whose brains I can tap for advice. See what they came up with.

For now, until I launch, research is my best friend.

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