Pagan Friday on Saturday 

We had a gorgeous Full Moon this month!

One of the first things I did when we moved was to find a local group to join. It took about a month, and I’m hoping it works out. From what I can tell, they’re not a card-carrying, membership dues type of group, and it’s mostly a social thing.

There was one group I found but they don’t look like they’ve been active for a couple years. Sad, too, because they were hard into PPD participation. According to the lapsed Facebook page, anyway.

Facebook and Meetup pages are good, but how about an actual website. Nothing fancy, just someplace for general information, etc. For example, if your group has nearly 800 members and they are all looking for shops or legit sites, wouldn’t it be prudent to have a central place for them to find what they need?

On to a more personal aspect of the path. I’ve set up an eclectic altar on the giant bookcase.

It’s a hodge podge, I know. With time it will be thought out and refined. I may create a couple minis in the bedroom and on the balcony, and keep a more cohesive set up here. With things settling down I can rededicate myself to the this path.

Next week is the Shamanism Global Summit (free – 7/25-27) that I signed up for. There are 23 “workshops” total and I’m interested in 9 of them. One of them is about medicinal plants, another is centered around Ragnarok. Who doesn’t love a good ole Norse discussion?

Next time: CampNaNo Wrap-up 

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