2 Planners and A Notebook: OCD Love Triangle From Hell

Happy Saturday, everyone! 

Let’s get to it.

If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you know how much I love planners. If you’re new, this should catch you up.

The stickerfied zipper case is the all-inclusive “bible”. It holds everything, basically. Tasks, any appointments, events, etc. I’ve had this for, I think, 8 years. Only wish: customizable. 

Next we have the Witch’s Datebook from Llewellyn. I got this in hopes of it replacing the “bible”. Um, no. I like because it has valuable info I use in my pathwork, but it does not hold up to my level of use. At all. Only wish: more room to write.

Lastly, a little notebook I use for logging food and glucose readings. While I’m not diagnosed, my mother was insulin-dependent and I’m making an effort to change that particular aspect of my life.

So, now you see what I mean by OCD love triangle. In a perfect world, the 3 would live in harmony and I would have fewer books to write in daily. Well, I have a plan to make that happen, and I’m gonna share it with you.

The “bible” will always be just that. My base of operations in need of a renovation. It will be a hybrid – planner and bullet journal. I’ll get to the bujo part in a sec. 

My plan is to disassemble the Datebook ($12) and use it in place of the traditional layout ($30). There will be some finagling to this, which is fine. Then, I’ll create inserts to record food and glucose each day (totally worked on that earlier), and writing goal pages – that’s the bujo part. I’ve got everything I need to put the creative touches on it, so craft supply costs should be little if any (because, stickers).

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