Camp NaNo, Round 1

Yup, I’m doing Camp this year. Project: VC part 3 -Ostara. 

This part is the least complete, therefore its prime Camp fodder. I’ll do prep work for the rest of this month and, outline and unanswered questions in hand, tackle this nugget on my days off in April. 

I’ve been working on a play list, too (Spotify is an awesome tool), and a lot of the music which spoke to me is being added to other projects’ play lists as I go along. The downside to a virtually neverending supply of tunes is the ability to get distracted like a squirrel. 

My word count goal is 5,000 words, which averages about 500 wpd. Maybe I’ll get lucky and surpass that. 

Fingers crossed. 

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6 Responses to Camp NaNo, Round 1

  1. Nikki B. says:

    I’m doing Camp as well so keep in touch! We’ll compare notes. 🙂

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