A NaNoWriMo’s Brain

As you can see I’m a smidge behind. Almost 12k behind. There is a bright spot, though. At least, I think there is…

I have the next 3 days off. 3 whole days.

Right now I’m sitting at the dining table, trying to thwart Kallie’s plans of using her tree house as a jump point to canoodle (which is a real word!) with the tv. She has no idea what’s happening; I sympathize with her.

There are 3 hours left in today and, with 10 hours of sleep in me last night and a short shift at work, I could easily spend tonight writing. And the wee hours of tomorrow. Honestly, I just want to watch tv and eat junk food. But, I won’t. I’ll write and eat junk food 🙂 Sour cream & onion chips or M&Ms, that’s the question.


Oh, and I figured something out with the story I’m NaNo’ing. It will fit nicely in the “Viktic Crossing” story collection I’ve been writing (off and on) for 2 years. All I need to do is change the names and I’m golden. Then, I need to go back and rework the generation or 2 before it. Shit, I don’t know. Soon I’ll start questioning the whole project. Again.

I decided on the chips.

So, yeah. I’m thinking, because “VC” is a collection, I’m going to finish at least a couple of the stories in it for NaNo. They count… I’ve figured out that I lose steam on a story about 10k words into it. If I really sit down and hammer out some content on at least 2 stories over the next 3 days I should be close to, if not on, target and caught up. Feast or famine, baby.

Sadly, I have to move to the couch.

Oh, and Tuesday 11/17 (according to the WriYe calendar) is WriDay. It’s a long-distance sprint, if you will. You choose from 5k, 10k, 25k, or even 50k (it can be done) word clusters and just bang that shit out. Tip: If your goal is 1,667 NaNo words/day and are behind 3 days, go with 5k. you’ll make up 3 whole days of writing! Genius, I tell you.

I want another soda. Like, really want. And there are less than 3 hours til Midnight, now. Do I really need the soda? Pfft, no, of course not. But I want it, and technically it is my Friday. I limit myself to 1 soda per day, most days. Well, I try to, anyway. Opps, need to take my meds…And fix the coffee pot for tomorrow.

Oh, look. Angels & Ornaments is on Hallmark Movie Channel. I have a serious case of the Christmas Spirit this year. It’s pretty amazing. For the last several years, I had little or none. This year, though. Tons. I’m already listening to holiday music and buying holiday-themed things (mini-stockings and hand towels). Started shopping for gifts. We’re not doing an actual tree – the aforementioned acrocat – but will string garland on the curtain rod and around the dining room light. And window clingies. I love window clingies.

Down to barely 2.5 hours…I should write.

Ok, I’m gonna write.

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