Writing, What?

The outline for the Bayou Project has been released from its prison (the butterfly clip in the back cover of my planner) and given a once-over. This poor creature needs a major overhaul. Right now it’s roughly 12k words. If anything, the story is done but will get bits taken out. There’s a problem with flow and the characters don’t feel right.

“Rising” has seen better days. The story itself is decent, but (again) doesn’t flow. The characters don’t have much consistency (in evolving/devolving), they don’t know what they’re doing, and half of them will probably be taken out or taken out.

I created blogging schedule sheets (because I’m a dork) for here, Tumblr and WriYe. It’s September, an odd month, so that means most of my writing/online time is spent working on the WriYe blog. Figures I’d pick a crazy month to get back into my personal blogs. I’ve got a great support for my writing (thank you, babe) and blogging is a big piece of that.


Now, I do have an idea for a short story; I’ve mentioned it before, I think. Like, a month ago. Starting next month when things calm down a little, I’ll start blogging it. Actually writing it here for you all to see. It should be an interesting experiment, if nothing else.

My writing support station has all the guides I could possibly need, until I find a new how-to book I can’t live without. Also, I swear I don’t work for Writer’s Digest. Just wanted to put that our there.


I’ve been rolling the concept of ‘genre’ around in my brain lately and decided I don’t have to conform to a single one. Not that I really ever have, mind you. It’s fun to take elements from a few and meld them together. I’m also learning there’s a great possibility of imbalance if not used properly. Cross-genre writing is pretty cool. It can open doors to new/different audiences.

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