Pagan Monday

Good Monday!

It’s been awhile since I did a Pagan post, huh? Well, I’ve got pics, links and updates on what I’ve been up to with my pathwork.

First up: Altars. I was recently given a beautiful bookcase – we love free – and now all but Water have a permanent pace. Those empty shelves will be home to Mike’s gaming/graphic novel items at some point. He has statues, books, stuff like that (and a kitty bed). So, in a way, that side will be his altar, too. Hey, we share around here.


Second: Learning. One can never learn enough. I haven’t bought any new books, but I’m slowly getting through the books I have. One the one hand, I’m clearing my TBR. On the other, I’m constantly learning. I also did what I’ve seen countless others do: photocopy tarot cards and add them to their Books, including the basic info and impressions along side. This may take awhile although I started with the smaller Voice of the Trees oracle cards created by Mickie Mueller. She is one seriously talented lady!

Third: Organization. I’m trying to get myself back on track (in general). I took an afternoon and revamped the office – which houses the bookcase. All my Pagan-ness is in one spot, as is my writing gear. This is part of my 1-room-at-a-time cleaning plan.

Fourth: Participation. Pagan Pride Day is fast-approaching! We will most definitely be going. I’m also considering joining the Acadiana Spiritual Association. I might not get to go as much as I want, but the time I will be able to spend will be invaluable. This is a huge step for me, one I’m not sure I’m 100% ready for. But, I won’t know unless I try.

Lastly: Get my ass outside more. What good is believing in a nature-based spirituality if I don’t go outside?? I can drive 20 minutes and be immersed in gorgeous natural settings. Not only that, but the property we live on has ponds, trees and flowers. I mean, come on! Hell, I could sit on the little patio and stare at the massive Water Oaks or camellia trees right there. Seriously, they’re right there.

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