Review: ‘Bible Study for Pagans’

If you’re looking for a no-nonsense interpretation of the Bible – even if you’re not Pagan but interested in the Bible stories – then this book is probably for you. Fred Nichols turns the Bible on it’s ear and creates a really cool narrative out of something that is a huge hurdle for many.

I tried reading the Bible, once; I didn’t very long.

Nichols includes passages from the Bible where it matters and gives us a better idea – through what I’d consider modern storytelling – of what went down, and who wrote it. The entire Bible is covered, more or less, in some fashion. Parts are hard to get through (It wouldn’t be a Bible interpretation without difficulty, right?), but the narrative Nichols uses helps a lot.

I’d recommend this for people who’s interest is piqued by the stories but don’t have the patience to read the Bible cover-to-cover. You can pick up either Kindle or paperback versions of Bible Study for Pagans on Amazon.

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