The Truth In The Lie

My absence from social media hasn’t all been because of work and (lack of) desire to write. The Truth is, I’ve been avoiding most of my usual haunts due to the increase in negativity and judgement closing in like a plague.
Whatever the outlet, no matter the time, our lives have become a constant cycle of who to blame and for what. It’s everywhere; there is no escaping it beyond disconnecting from social media. WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr…especially Tumblr…all have morphed into breeding grounds for hatred and discontent. God forbid someone have a difference of opinion or lean in a political/religious angle was don’t agree with.
What happened to standing together? To loving another human being regardless of all that bullshit?
Yes, it is our right to disagree with someone. But is it disagreement when we base the perception of an entire population on the actions of a few?
I have black friends, Hispanic friends, gay friends and friends from varying religious/spiritual standpoints. I won’t automatically discount them because someone in his or her demographic behaved badly. What’s the point?
Here’s what I will do, though.
I’m going do a social media cleansing. All the blogs, Twitters and FB friends who perpetuate this mass intolerance are going bubye. That is my right as a social media user and, more than anything, a goddamn human being.
Thanks for stopping by – peace!

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