So. It’s been a while, eh?

Chair Thief

I’m sitting on the floor of my office because the cat has taken control of the chair watching Netflix (binging on Longmire) and basking in the productiveness that has been my Monday. Crazy, I know. It’s my day off and I got shit done.

For over a year we’ve (occasionally) tried to get our blu-ray player wifi’d up. No luck. Today, being in the Get-Shit-Done mood, I sat down and tamed the stubborn bitch. That was, ohhhh…7 episodes ago? Maybe 8? Anywho!

I wrote 677 words on a new piece of fiction – a small but wonderful accomplishment.

Then, I decided it was a good time to upgrade Shiny to Windows 10. Um, it’s interesting. If you go with W10, plan a day doing other things because it takes about 90 minutes. It also doesn’t look anything like W8/8.1.

That time was spent in a few of the writing books I have. And, I’m very glad I did this. Anyone who reads this knows I’ve been struggling really hard the last several months with my writing. It might be a little late in the year but I grabbed 2015 Writer’s Market and Writing Fantasy & Science Fiction, and started going through them section by section. Highlighters and stick tab things came out of the drawer, pens scribbled in the margins. It was amazing!

I think I finally got my writing groove back.

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