That One Time, in My Head…

…I had an idea. And that idea was to blog a short story. Maybe 5k words. Blogging a story seems to be all the rage, right now.

The way my writing has(n’t) been lately, I’m not sure if I actually want to do it or not. A week ago I wrote a little something, about 300 words. Its basically an intro to a longer story and all haphazard.

What’s stopping me? Same thing as always, ultimately.


I have tons of support to get back into writing. When it comes to it, though, I’m too goddamn tired. After working all day, or cleaning and cooking…I just don’t have it in me.

Guess I’m waiting for that magic moment when the planets align and Mercury’s not in retrograde, Jupiter is in the perfect house…sigh. I’ll be waiting a long-ass time.

Ok, enough bitching.

Let’s do this.

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