Back in May we went to Zoosiana for M’s company picnic. I met people he works with, had an authentic crawfish boil and checked out the zoo. Now, I’d been to aquariums but never a zoo. Do petting zoos at the fair count?

About 3 exhibits in, it became abundantly clear that I’m never going to another zoo. Ever. I’ll never work at a zoo in any capacity, either. Take at look at this big beauty below. This, right here, is why I can’t go back. I’d get arrested for freeing the animals.


I can understand the fascination humans have with exotic animals they otherwise wouldn’t see if not for zoos. I get it. But I could feel their unhappiness radiating like heat in the desert. Especially these 2 who were practically melting in the Louisiana heat and humidity. Or the 15 foot snake curled up in a tiny-ass plexi box. We skipped almost half the zoo because I was getting so pissed off and depressed. I was still sick, too, so there’s that.


Our apartment is larger than most of the enclosures, but you’d never know it by observing my own resident wildlife.



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