Pagan Monday on a Tuesday

We had less than stellar skies over the weekend, hence no pic of the Full Moon this time. I’m sure She was a beautiful sight, though!

I’ve been super lax in my studies, but today I created a Compass Wheel and spent a few hours looking through some of my books. Like my writing endeavors, pathwork has taken a hit.


The book in the photo is Ann Moura’s Grimoire for the Green Witch (Llewellyn, 7th printing, 2006). The Compass I did not do freehand – Thank you, Publisher program – but the writing is. I just needed a little help with the shapes and lines. And, it isn’t complete. Well, it is but it isn’t. There is a lot of information I want to add to it, although I think I’ll have to create another with a differing layout.

Creative struggles abound!

I’ve been feeling the pull of Water and seeing blue in almost everything, lately. A sign things are “backed up”, which means a long, healing, restorative bath is in order. Open up whatever seems to be blocked. It makes sense, when one thinks about it, given the writing snags. My Water altar is in the bedroom next to the bed on my side. Clearly it needs more attention than I’ve been giving it. That, and Air. Poor Air…that one’s in the office which I’ve barely been in except to water the plants.

Man, I really am out of wack…

Okay, that settles it. Time for that bath.

What blocks are you facing in your Path or creativity? And how do you tackle them? 

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2 Responses to Pagan Monday on a Tuesday

  1. I’m facing writer’s block at the moment. My mind doesn’t want to sit and write for long periods of time, so it shoves other ideas and tasks to the forefront to distract me. My poor blog is suffering because of it and I’ve made no progress on the books I’m writing. Any suggestions on how to get past this would be greatly appreciated. 😊

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