Books, I Has Many

Here’s the deal…my TBR list is already kinda busy. Somehow I can’t stop myself from grabbing at least one (or three) more each week from various free book sites. For shame, I know. I apologize. Anyway, once or twice a month I also buy a new book – generally under $10 – and stick it in the list. There is no such thing as too many books.

Last month was one of those months. I picked up three freebies and bought two. Sadly, I’m always looking for more.

One of the books I bought for, like $4, was Bible Study For Pagans by Fred Nichols (2013). I do have a KJV of the Bible I’ve picked up and thought “I should read this at least once in my life.” Then, I carefully put it back down and go back to whatever it was that I was doing. Thing is, I’m not remotely Christian. I’m curious. And, curiosity killed the cat, right?

Well, meow.

I’m embarking on the this weird fascination I have with reading the Bible. Nichols’s book got good reviews and I figured, why not. Plus, it wasn’t expensive. I actually plan on devising a sort of curriculum – something I need to do with my Druid studies, too – one book per week, to start. It might go slower; it might go faster. It all depends on what my work and writing schedules look like. If my calculations are correct, I should start it in May.

I’m also continuing the goal of at least on fiction book per month. Mind candy, you see. I read enough “heavy text” already and need something to balance it all out. In fact, I updated my reading list by month (in pencil on actual paper) to include the fiction and “academic” works I want to read. Yes, I’m taking into account the months I do the WriYe blog – April is an off month so I’m (hoping) getting more reading done.

I finally finished Yeats’s The Celtic Twilight. I’m not sure what to make of it. It’s basically a collection of little stories he collected from others while in Ireland and Scotland in the late 1890s/early 1900s. A lot of it was hard to follow – possibly the conversion to ebook format, I don’t really know for sure.

And I’m still reading The Encyclopedia of Magick and the Occult as well as Blavasky’s epic tomb of…I don’t know, everything? I’ve discovered that I take it in better if I listen to them while I take baths or fold laundry. If I just read them, I zone out hardcore and that’s that. End of story.

Be prepared, folks. There are more book reviews coming. And after the stint with Nichols and the Bible, I’m going to devote (ha!) an entire post to how it all went. It could be awhile, though.

Oh! And I dvr’d The Dovekeepers! Ater I’ve had a chance to watch it, I’m going to do a review.

I promise to warn you ahead of time 🙂

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