Pagan Friday


This, my friends, was how I spent some time appreciating the Full Moon and giving thanks to the Goddess last night.

I love her, but She doesn’t always reciprocate. The Moon has a deeper connection to those born under a Water Sign, which I am definitely not, so it’s no big surprise that her effect on me is…not exactly a positive one.

Restless sleep, emotions running high. I’ve been like this since I can remember. Even as a child I didn’t sleep well during Full Moon week. And once I started “womanhood”? Ugh! Hell to pay if they coincide.

So what better way to pay tribute than a hot bubble bath (lavender and citrus) in a South-facing room? This was all I could muster after a full day at work.

I had a really rough night last night: nausea, high blood pressure (too high) and too little sleep. Perhaps the New Moon falling on the first day of Spring will bring a higher caliber dedication – and no yucky feels.

My readings have been going well. I stopped reading the Israel Regardie book – couldn’t get my mind around it. Still reading the Encycolpedia, Celtic Twilight, Golden Dawn and a few other things. I may adjust the amount I read, because some of these books are pretty intense.

What did yall do to celebrate the Full Moon?

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