Writing Past and Future

February was a roller coaster and my writing suffered greatly. This month, now that I’m in the swing with work and have a somewhat stable schedule, will be much different.

For example, March is NaNoEdMo. Or, National Novel Editing Month. Similar to NaNoWriMo, EdMo has a target – 50 hours of editing in 31 days. Fortuitous timing, I must say, because at the end of the month I plan to publish Rising. It still needs some work and cover art, but I set this particular goal almost 6 months ago and I will see it through.

I’m trying not to plan too far ahead anymore. It will only drive me nuts if I don’t make a deadline and the blow to my OCD would be devastating. Part of what makes me sane is my OCD – an admission that’s difficult to make, by the way.

Back to March…

I’m current on the healing journal I’ve been working on. Somedays I didn’t do it because I let work get in the way and don’t take my laptop to use during lunch hour. There was nothing stopping me from taking my Kindle and using the NotebooksPro app, though. Lesson learned.

Other than the healing journal and using EdMo to get Rising out the door, I have no writing plans. Well, aside from the various challenges hosted by WriYe and blogging (which I’m doing in advance on days off).

So that’s it. That’s where I am with writing. I’m hoping to have a good blurb or small excerpt ready to share about mid-month.

Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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