Pagan Wednesday!

Today was my first “active” New Moon day in a couple of months.

I took a healing herbs bath – complete with yellow candle, moonstone and rose quartz for boost. There was a new addition to my ritual bath this month. Our 5.5 month-old kitten, Kallie. She hung out on the side of the tub and chilled, slurped some of the water (pet safe, I promise). The bonus? She’s been quiet and all snuggly since. We even had a serious nap after lunch.

Something else I hadn’t done since my birthday was a tarot spread. Basically, changes are coming and I need to be on top of my game, work on communication and get reacquainted with my Spirit. (North) 2 of Disks – Change; (East) IV The Emperor; (South) 3 of Disks – Works; (West) King of Wands; (Center) XX The Aeon. I’ll be spending some time with my cards on off-work days, as this is the deck I picked up in New Orleans. wpid-20150218_110311.jpg

There’s some big cosmic things happening today, too. I stumbled across this neat little article from Tania Gabrielle about the New Moon of Abundance. If you haven’t read it yet, go there now and do it. It’s really good. While you’re out and about, stop by and read Danielle Blackwood’s blog post on the hair-thin Aquarius/Pisces Cusp. I love learning about these things!

On the reading front…still reading Israel Regardie’s book; The Encyclopedia of Magick and the OccultInitiation; and The Celtic Twilight. I’ll have a quarter’s worth of book reviews to share, if nothing else. Also, still working on Spirit Dance – the only fiction piece on the list until next month.

There isn’t much else to share this time around. Well, other than I’ve got this growing wish list on a few pagan product websites. I has all the wants, it’s awful! I may have to pay a visit to the shop on Rena soon…

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