On Reading

Saturday’s trip to the library found me two gems: True Blood: Eats, Drinks, and Bites From Bon Temps and What You Should Know About The Golden Dawn.

We’re fans of True Blood (even if the final season sucked) so I thought it would be a fun little thing. Check out the recipes, read the character-inspired stories and try out a few. This cookbook is full of cool photos from the show, too. Any real True Blood fan will want to pick this up. And, it’s on Amazon.

The Golden Dawn book is to enhance my path work. Since I’m currently reading (and have been for over a damn year) Celtic Golden Dawn, I thought this would be a great addition to my Pagan reading list. Plus, the man who wrote it, Israel Regardie, was involved with Crowley. Also, Madam Blavatsky is mentioned rather extensively and I plan to read her next month. So, win win. The chapters are kind of long-ish, but manageable and can easily be read in a chapter per day schedule (like I’m doing).

As for fiction, Spirit Dance by Stephen G Lonefeather, is my selection for February. This has been hanging out on the Kindle for well over a year so its time attention was paid. I “met” Stephen on IndieWriteNet. You can find him here.

I should really put up a master reading list page.

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