A Little Bit of Everything

Happy Monday, y’all. This is one of those ‘kitchen sink’ posts, so please bear with me.

I’m finally coming off those cooties and started to feel a lot better until last night. This, though, is food-related. I’ll start there.

So, I was on Pinterest awhile back looking for healthy-ish foods for us to try and found this baked-egg-in-a-giant-mushroom deal (link to recipe here). Halfway through prep and cook last night, I decided if they were good and we wanted them again, the process would be a lot different. They were delicious btw. But, if you have digestive sensitivities be suuuuuuper careful about moisture content. The shrooms soak up tons of moisture and as a result you’ll experience major stomach and intestinal distress. I ate this around 6:30 last night, people. I’m just now able to eat some toast and feel ok, and it’s almost 24h later. Lesson learned.

My gig on WriYe Tumblr is going fantastic. It’s keeping me busy, but as long as I post ahead it’s not a problem. It’s kind of amazing that the month is more than half over, already.

Writing is going alright. When I posted my plan earlier in the month, I forgot about a couple of projects. The original plan of getting everything off the table by year’s end is not going to happen, so I’m going for 4 projects published and the rest at least in completed 2nd draft form.

I applied for a volunteering gig at the hospital next door and am just waiting for the person in charge to get back to me with a date and time to interview. Her email this morning sounded eager to get me on board, so fingers crossed. It will get me out of the house and interacting with more people.

In that same vein, I’m still hunting for a paying job. There’s a bakery around the corner (10/15 minute walk) looking for counter help. I’m going to get in touch with them and see about an interview. Meanwhile, I’m scouring the local papers online in addition to CareerBuilder for something.

For those not up-to-date, Mercury is hitting retrograde starting Wednesday and continues through February 11. This is not good news, people. Not good at all. If you think Murphy’s Law was bad before, just wait. Protect yourself, family, home and the like. Shit could get bad. Also, tomorrow happens to be the New Moon. If you do protection and banishment on the New Moon, you may want to double your efforts. Every little bit helps. Hell, I’m getting tomorrow’s commitments wrapped up so I can dedicate a good chuck of time to ward off the MR effects.

Oh, and the Renewable Energy course on FutureLearn is interesting. It’s very science-y, which means I don’t understand a lot of it. And there’s math. But it’s fun and I’m learning things.

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3 Responses to A Little Bit of Everything

  1. Oh dear, will take heed of your advice on the mushrooms. Good luck with the volunteering and job hunting. Hope something comes up soon. Glad the writing is going well and will catch up soon. 😊

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