I want to give a shout out to this laptop: I love your versatility and ability to make the couch my base of operations today. You’re awesome.

It’s “winter”, which means illness of some kind. Even better is the flu is reaching epic proportions here in the US and the type of flu affecting everyone isn’t being curbed much by the vaccines they received.

Mike was sick over Christmas into New Year’s and, like all people who share space, I’ve come down with some form of cooties. I’ve felt yucky off and on for the last week, but last night I had a nice fever – complete with that weird, hot, creepy mouth feeling – and now I’m all achy. So far, no horrible bathroom situations. Like you needed to know that, right?

On the positive, the average high temp is around 60 for this time of year. Everyone I’ve talked to in Maine is cold and tired of snow. Well, to be fair, anyone who’s been affected by the latest polar vortex is tired of it. I’m sorry, but I like this warm winter thing. I know, I know. Summer is just around the corner and I probably won’t want to go outside. So, I’m going to make the most of the “good” weather while I can. You know, when I’m not sick anymore.

The hosting gig with WriYe is going really well. If you haven’t been over to see it yet, you should. Today is Motivation Monday, which is a combo of fun and inspirational stuff. Tomorrow is Tips Tuesday and I need to get those in queue.

Oh! One last thing before I sign off. I signed up for FutureLearn’s Renewable Energy course. 4 weeks of energy sustainability alternatives to fossil fuels. It starts today! Part of the reason I opted for this is research. In the Bayou Project, it makes sense for Willow to have some knowledge to combat Big Oil. The other part is just for me. I’d like to know more.

Ok, I guess that’s it. I hope you’re all having a good week. If your team didn’t win this weekend, I’m sorry. My Lions lost the week before so I’m cheering for NFC in the SuperBowl. As Leonard on BBT says, “Go, Sports!”

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