Review: Steven Mauercek’s ‘Random Fluctuations’

I happened to ‘meet’ Steven through a free online course focusing on fiction writing last fall and we exchanged book links for critiquing (and reading enjoyment). Super smart guy. His focus: Science Fiction.

Now, scifi isn’t really my bag, but I thought ‘Why not’. Without giving away too much, the main character (Jim) stumbles upon alien communications and befriends them. Or, more specifically, Mook. Mook and his fellow aliens are studying humans, and replicating them. It’s all purely voluntary, and Jim can back out at any time. Next thing you know, the town he lives in is under martial law.

I did enjoy this book once I got past the science-ness. It you’re into the hard core science-ness of scifi, you’ll like this. It’s got aliens, an affair and national security risks. Intrigued? You can find Steven’s book here.

Enjoy 🙂

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