First Pagan Monday of 2015

In fact, my first Pagan post of the new calender year. There’s a fair bit to talk about, today.

On Thursday, our dear Kallie knocked over the peace lily sitting on my altar. I’d planned on changing it out for the new year and month later in the day, so she just spurred me into action a little sooner. Mike was a huge help, assisting in the clean-up efforts. Now, my altar is in my office/2nd bedroom and Kallie likes to visit in there when I’m working. Well, she’d been good and not been into anything so I left the door open. Bit of a mistake. We hear a crash and find the lily on its side off the altar. Lil Miss Thang has been banned for the room for awhile.


Yesterday was the first Full Moon of the year, for starters. Amazingly, it wasn’t cloudy here and I was able to see it. A gorgeous, full beauty. This pic was taken about 30′ from my door, looking up through an oak. Remember when I said some trees were still green? This kind of oak keeps its leaves in the winter.


We went out for ‘real nature’, too. I’m continuously blown away at the fact there are trees – not fir ones – with greenery on them. I collected nothing, just basked in the beauty of Lake Marin. The last few times, I’ve choked up when we go out and I can drink in nature. It’s so…just…awesome. In the truest sense of the word.


I’ve started reading Llewellyn’s 2015 Magical Almanac and The Encyclopedia of Magick and the Occult. Both are pretty good. The Almanac is wonderful, as always. The Encyclopedia is not really for experienced practitioners, unless you just want a refresher or to see what people are writing. And, in all fairness, I’m only a few days into it (plan is for the month) so we’ll see how it goes.

One of the goals I’ve set for myself is to beef up learning and practicing this year. While it will add to an already full life, I feel I need that deeper connection – for me. On good days I want to sit out by the pond and chill, and meditate more inside on yucky weather days. There is so much possibility, I can do whatever I wish. And, boy, do I have wishes.

There may be another Pagan post later in the month, I’m not sure. I’ve several open dates with nothing planned right now. Actually, I’m open to guest bloggers if anyone is interested. If you’ve got information, Pagan experiences, and the like – email me with “WP Pagan Guest” in the subject line.

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