Good evening, January

Hi, there! I trust those who celebrated the New Year did so responsibly? Or, at least had a chaperon/bail money. I talked to the kids and my mom, and we hung out and amused ourselves with Kallie’s antics and a movie. A nice, quiet evening in.

I know you’re all very excited to hear about my writing plans for this month. If I gave you an overview of the year, it would bore to you pieces. Let’s not do that! I’ve also got the reading list broke down.

Writing: Update and upload Cravings and Obsidian Kept. Go over Rising for any more holes and edit as necessary (Will need beta readers in February!). Do a cursory looksie of The Graces. If there’s time, I need to do some research for VC. The main project is co-hosting for the WriYe Tumblr page – I get the odd months – and that adds up to nearly 100 posts for the month. Add to that this blog and my own Tumblr, I’m a busy gal. Oh, and I’ve signed up for the WriYe, again – 120k words for the year. That’s only 10k/month. Pretty sure I can pull it off with all the half-finished stories laying around the hard drive. And, because I thrive under pressure and shit, I signed up (I think) for the Review and Renew Writing Challenge. .

Reading List: I’ve got some books that are year-long reads; others are monthly or a few days/weeks at a time. Here are the books for the year:

  • Llewellyn’s 2015 Magical Alamanac
  • Circle, Coven and Grove: A Year of Magickal Practice – Deborah Blake
  • Journal 365+ – Judy Shafarman
  • 412 Journaling Exercises and Prompts for Personal Growth – Meredith Lane
  • Four Seasons of Creative Writing – Bryan Cohen
  • Celtic Golden Dawn  – John Michael Greer (this is a once/week read due to heaviness) (ongoing from 2014)

For the month:

  • Random Fluctuations by Steven Mauercek (need to finish and critique for Steven by 1/5)
  • The Encyclopedia of Magick and the Occult by Gregory Branson-Trent

What’s everyone got planned, writing or otherwise, for this month? We can commiserate together.

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5 Responses to Good evening, January

  1. Hi, welcome back. Wow, you got yourself sorted for the upcoming months. I’m dreading it and have procrastinated. By Monday, something will pop up on the in-tray and push me in a certain direction. For a reading list, I’ve joined Jessica Wren’s reading challenge on Goodreads and hope to commit but give no promises. And that’s the plan so far. Oh and finish, editing my two novels. Yup, that’s about as committed as I’ll be! Good luck with your projects. They sound exciting. 😊

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