Woo Hoo!

Happy December, everyone! Let’s take a look back on November before diving into this month.


So, last month was NaNo. I rocked it! Validated yesterday with 52,153! Like all first/rough/hideous drafts, mine was just…eww. But it’s supposed to be that way, and I’m cool with it. The story is sketchy. I had this grand plan to incorporate almost every genre (except ghosties and such), but it turned into something else. There was a tangent where I did backstory and the backstory was damn near as interesting as the original plot, and it went generational. It’s hard to pull that shit off. See, the original plot is current day, whereas the backstory is for another character set about 60 years in the past. I had some difficulty with it and proved to myself I need to do more research before this can even go into edits. Long story short: NaNo was a success!



Ok, December is gonna be incredibly busy. I’ll be adding to the NaNo project, making Christmas presents, my guy has a birthday coming really soon, spending time in Maine and then gearing up for 2015 – lots happening in 2015. I’ll try to stick as close to the blogging schedule as I can, but I know y’all understand how crazy this month is (like Nov was).


What’s everyone’s plans for the month? Big trips, little trips? Got a book to release – share here if you do! I’ll gladly pimp your work. Just think of all the Amazon and Apple gift cards in those stockings in 3 weeks, my friends *wink*


Tis the season!

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