Organization, and Pinterest

Halfway through NaNo, plus two days, and I’m still on track. This past weekend was WriYe’s 5k challenge, by the way. Man, I really should post the link to their calendar when 2015 starts (totally exportable to your own Google calendar) for you writers out there.

I’m not going to babble about NaNo today, though. Instead, I’m going to babble about organization. And Pinterest. You know, that epic time suck that makes you wish you’d thought of that super cool painted cookie sheet wall organizer first (it does exist).

One of my absolute favorite things in the world is getting a brand new planner book, aka my “Bible”. I keep track of damn near everything in it. Cleaning, adventures, writing goals, food I ate, etc. Soon, I’ll be adding blood pressure readings. So, imagine my surprise (wrapped in frustration) when I discovered the journaling and planner boards on Pinterest.

I say “frustration” because I know what I spent on the refill pages for my Bible. With shipping, it was roughly $35. Now, this is the same format and company I’ve used for a couple of years. It’s simple, neat, and easy to use.


It isn’t the OMFGness of what I see on Pinterest. People are creating their very own, and often super embellished, planners and journals. They scream creativity and are designed in such a way that includes everything any anal-retentive-organized-OCD person (like myself) could possibly need. Honestly, I can’t even tell you how many I’ve seen and actually sighed over because that’s what I want mine to look like. *On Pinterest, search for ‘journal pages’ / ‘planner addicts’ and terms like that.*

And the only thing holding me back from spending the last week of December creating my Dream Bible is that $35 I spent two months ago on a pre-designed planner refill. It all comes down to friggin’ guilt, my friends. That’s it. Just guilt.

What’s worse than the planners themselves are all the adorable embellishments one uses. Washi tape – I’d never heard of it until last week. Planner charms – they are a real thing! Highlighters, sticky note flaps, little kid stationary (Uh, Hello, Hello Kitty!) and I…can’t…even. For those of us who covet our planners, this is like a broke junkie knowing the location of every crack house in town and not having the money. It’s seriously that bad.

To make matters even worse – if that’s possible – I have an entire rolly tote FULL of scrapbooking supplies sitting in Maine. Supplies I could use to embellish and make more epic my existing planner. Needless to say, that stuff is coming back with me after Christmas.

So, let’s talk organization. Share your dream planner ideas, thoughts and organization tips. If you’ve got pics on your blog or Pinterest, link it in the comments. Or, email me pics and I’ll do another Organization post in early January (which I’ll do, anyway.)

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