NaNo Check-in Time

We’re a third into NaNoWriMo and so far I’m doing fairly well. I’ve managed to hit the official daily goals and be in the green each day with the exception of days 4 & 8. But, because I wrote more than the ODG on other days, I’m on target. I might even earn myself a day off!


Here’s a daily breakdown so far:

Day 1: 1750

Day 2: 1850

Day 3: 2026

Day 4: 1160

Day 5: 1932

Day 6: 1813

Day 7: 1766

Day 8: 0

Day 9: 2747

Total so far: 15044


What I’ve had trouble with…

Narrative. For some reason I can’t describe things in wondrous detail to bring out the sensory goodies.


What I’m rocking…

Dialogue. This is my greatest writing strength.


What I’m thankful for…

Writing groups. On the NaNo site, we’re only allowed to have a single home region. I’ve got 2 on FB. Both have been excellent motivators and commiserators. It’s nice to share progress with people going through the same craziness that I am.

Support system. I’ve got possibly the best support system ever, and he goes a long way in making sure I do my best.

Reward system. Chocolate and video games. This is 2-fold, though. If I get all the writing done, I get chocolate. If I get all the writing and chores done, I get chocolate and video games. We all need a little something to strive for, right? I still haven’t really decided on a reward for winning, yet. All I know right now is the day after I validate for the win, I’m not doing a damn thing.


How are y’all doing with your NaNo? What are some of the strengths and weaknesses you’re finding this year? And, how many of you are actually sleeping?

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