New Projects Are fun

Awhile back, possibly months ago, I mentioned something about a story based loosely on the relationship between Samson and Delilah. You know, from the Bible.


The premise rolls similar, but takes place in current times and focuses more on the D/s aspect of things. It won’t be graphically sexual in nature – my apologies in advance. Instead it will highlight the psychological/emotional bond between the main characters, Sam and Della. I’m probably taking a few liberties with those names, but whatever. Writers do it all the time.


I’ve got the profiles done for Sam and Della, and a super-short outline. Basically, it’s just a few sentences regarding the key points to be made along the story line. Supporting characters and subplots need to be defined, but those can wait until January. Especially since I need to grab one of the Bibles up in Maine while I’m there.


This project will be primary for the first half of 2015, and could prove to be kind of therapeutic and emotionally expanding. Who doesn’t love that? So, as of right now, the plan is to write/edit/publish between Jan 1 and June 30. It could be done sooner than that depending on story length simply because I have no idea where the story will go.


There are about 46457356357457 more story ideas I have, but they’re backburnered until next year. The rest of 2014 is focused on the Bayou Project. That’s my baby, right now.

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