Welcome to Pagan Friday

Did anyone get to see the solar eclipse yesterday? There’s a giant hospital next door so we didn’t, but the pics on tv and the Net were beautiful.

I did what I said I was going to – cleansing bath, cleansed the apartment and did a tarot spread. The tarot was quite personal so I won’t be sharing it here. Suffice it to say it was all good things and everything is on track, as I knew it was.

IMG_0304Here’s what my altar currently looks like. I had to take out the lavender plant, because no matter what I did, it didn’t like any of it. Poor thing. So, I’m letting it dry out before depetalling it for loose incense. The little pot it was in is now the Sharpie family’s new home – I’m good at repurposing. The small, red velvety bag contains Sagittarius stones: blue quartz and howlite, sodalite and amethyst. Since we’re both fire-sign Sags (me being a Year of the Dragon baby, too), this is perfect.

A funny story, one I have permission to tell. You see that tiny shiny thing between the feather pentagram and lighter? Mike is so okay with all this, he placed a coin on the altar as an offering…to deter flying monkeys. I find it adorable.

This is the small Fall tablescape I said we needed. IMG_0301The pillar is unscented, the large votive is vanilla/Egyptian sandalwood and the French blue warmer is there all the time – it’s melting vanilla, I think. Or maybe something with vanilla in it? Either way, it’s a good combo.

On a different, non-Pagany note, we’ve talked about getting something…aromatic…for the bathroom. I like things to smell nice, so I got to thinking “How can I make the room smell good without spending the money?” Duh! I only have 15 or 20 bottles of essential oils! A few drops on the inside of the little toilet paper tube and BOOM…smelly good bathroom. Each time paper is pulled, air will circulate and freshen the scent.

Can we say “genius”?

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