The Rest of October

I’ve got two books on deck for review, and my goal is to have both read and reviewed before the end of the month. That way, even though I’ll eyebrow-deep in NaNo, this blog will still be putting out content of some sort.


What to look forward to seeing here the rest of this month: 10/24 Pagan, 10/27 new project info *gasp*, 10/29 NaNoPrep (yes, it is a thing – even has its own hashtag) and 10/31 Highlight pics from October. The official~official #NaNoPrep is tomorrow, though, on Twitter. My NaNoPrep post will be what I’ve done to get ready for the challenge. Hint: there may or may not be pictures of my office. And the coffeemakers. Yes, plural.



Oh, and don’t forget. There’s a solar eclipse tomorrow on the New Moon. My plan is to take a cleansing bath, do an in-depth tarot spread and then bless the apartment. For my Pagan readers, what plans do you have? A special solitary ritual or, perhaps, a group event? I’d love to know, if you’re willing to share.

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