Louisiana Monday

It was a good, relaxing weekend here in the Deep South.


After swinging by the Farmer’s Market to meet the new NaNo people, we attempted the 7-mile yard sale. I say “attempted”, because there were only a handful of sales and they were mostly “business” type set up in parking lots. No worries, though. It was Adventure Day – anything can happen on Adventure Day. There were naps, too.


Yesterday was Football Day. My Lions and Mike’s Rams won *squee*! More naps.


I barely cooked all weekend, too. A bagel on Saturday and pound of bacon, of which I ate half while cooking, on yesterday. Mike made some awesome foods, as always: white chili, pancakes and cheesesteaks.


Oh, I got some writing done last night! 1031 words for a month grand total-to-date of 8855. The goal is 20k, so I’m almost halfway there. Luckily there is another challenge with WriYe – the New Moon Challenge on the 23rd. If you’re a blossoming writer and haven’t checked it out, you can do so here. And don’t forget NaNoWriMo. Or, as I called it, CrazyPsychoWriMo. Your fingers will hate you on Dec 1, but the thrill is worth it. Just remember to eat and shower once in a while.


Tonight is a NaNo webinar with the founder, Chris Baty. Should be a good time. Follow along at #WriteMyCommunity on Twitter.


That’s it for me. I’m off to write more and do some housework type stuff, like laundry. I wish you all a wonderful Monday.

Update 10/21/14: Links added for WriYe and NaNoWriMo – I completely spaced on them when writing the post. My apologies. 

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