Life Update

This has been an interesting week.


Woke up Tuesday with half my face swelled up and mouth pain. I went to the dentist to have a tooth pulled, only to find out it wasn’t just a broken tooth. No, no. That would be way too easy, right?


They did an x-ray and it turns out that the tooth blew out at the roots. How the fuck that happens is beyond me. Next was a blood pressure check, which was “too high” to do any kind of dental work. So, the dentist guy and I had a talk: I need to get back on my BP meds asap and get medical clearance before any dental work can take place. He did send me home with antibiotics and pain meds. Yay….


The second adventure of the week was the job interview I had yesterday. After playing email tag for over a month, I finally got an interview scheduled with Aflac. Anyone thinking about getting into the insurance business should know a) you have to be licensed, b) you have to pay for all licensing and background checks and c) it will cost roughly $500. If it weren’t for those last 2 things, I’d be getting ready to train as a sales agent. The guy did invite me to contact him before Christmas should I “come up with the funds”.


Yeah, no thank you. I’ve had similar offers from Met Life and New York Life. Taking a pass on those, as well. Why can’t I find a nice little office job?!


I got surprised with some yummy awesomeness from Billy’s Boudin for brunch today. They make the best pepperjack boudin balls…sigh…so good. The rest of my day involved finishing yesterday’s housework, writing and fine-tuning my altar. You know, general stuff. And, this weekend will be relatively low-key: stopping by the NaNo table at the Farmer’s Market and grocery shopping. I’m not sure if we’re hitting the 7-mile yard sale for not.


Oh, and I found a critiquing partner, of sorts. A guy from the HWWF course and I have been exchanging emails about each other’s writing. He’s offered some great feedback – stuff I just overlooked in the editing process and alternatives in phrasing, etc. With luck, I find the same with the local NaNo group.


I hope you guys have a great weekend!

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