New Orleans Adventure Weekend

What a marvelous weekend! We left at 7am Saturday and headed straight for a scouted-ahead-of-time lot to park for the day close to the French Quarter and Washington Square Park. This was our jump point for the day. 

We hit the Pagan Pride Day activities first, where I met some wonderful like-minded and super friendly people. Souvenirs? A tshirt, triple moon sandstone charging plate and cute little green Goddess.


Then I decided to drag Mike all over the French Quarter. We/I ate at this cute little café called Envie – coffee and a muffin for lunch. The architecture in this City is just amazing. Of course, we hit the obligatory stops: Bourbon St, Café du Monde – but couldn’t get near the place, St Louis Cemetery #1 to peek at Marie Laveau’s (rumored) resting place, and just everything.


After coming out of the Cemetery, I decided we needed a cab back to Washington Square Park to finish the day with PPD. We sat on a shaded bench and watched/listened to the drums. The band was having technical difficulties to most of those activities were tabled, and it started to sprinkle.


In all fairness, it was fucking hot, we were sweating balls and I wanted to pass out from heat exhaustion. What would have taken us close to 45 minutes walking only took a few by cab. And the cab had a/c. I love a/c. After about an hour, we headed to our hotel in Metairie and grabbed a bite to eat at Randazzo’s…we were asleep by 7.


Sunday took us to City Park where the NO Museum of Art and Louisiana Seafood Festival were. Now, just to be clear, it was once again as hot as Mercury (which is in retrograde). We parked over by one of the smaller ponds and hoofed it to the Festival. By the time we made a quick round at the Festival, it was blazing. That’s when we decided to hit the Museum and surrounding Sculpture Garden. Beautiful pieces of art tucked into little coves of greenery around a pond.


It was a short day…we were on the road headed home by 11:30.


Despite the lack of awesomeness at the Seafood Festival and surface-of-the-Sun temps, we were determined not to let those factors take away from the fact that we had a great time. The ride home was full of ideas for the next time we go, things we want to see/do and likely the best time to do them.


As a bonus, I found a lot of inspiration for the Bayou Project I’ve slated for NaNo next month. How could someone NOT be inspired by the city and its rich history? A lot of these architectural pics will serve me well.


I hope you’ve enjoyed the pictures as much as I enjoyed the experience.

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