Fun Adventures Ahead!

I have news. Well, two bits of news, actually.

  • I’ll be spending Lil Dude’s birthday and Christmas in Maine! *SQUEE* Needless to say I won’t be posting while I’m there, but I’ll come back with a great update afterwards.

The only downside is the possibility that the 3 airports I travel through could add extra screenings due to Ebola. No matter what way it’s sliced, those screenings are going to be a bitch for anyone traveling during the holiday seasons.

  • We’re going to New Orleans this weekend! As of right now we plan to hit up Pagan Pride Day, the Seafood Festival, Museum of Art, the cemetery where Marie Laveau’s tomb is and probably some other really cool shit. Major wish list item/experience for the weekend: Have a latte and pastry thing at Café du Monde just for bragging rights. French Quarter, here we come!

I won’t be posting on Friday. Sad, I know. But I need to get reading/writing done for those 3 courses and pack for the weekend. I’ll have a great story to share come Monday, though!

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