September Rolls into October

*takes deep whiff* Huh, you smell just like last month. And, here’s where ‘culture shock’ finally decided to set in.

From what I’ve been told (and from extensive climate research on my own), Louisiana doesn’t really have a Winter. It’s a short-ish Spring, followed by a long Summer and short-ish Fall. But barely any Winter. Plus, there’s the lack of changing leaf colors. Now, wait. Some trees will and do change colors; it’s part of their genetics. BUT, anything other than a fur tree not changing is weird. Like, weird.

It’s cooler, but not bone-chilling-omg-crank-the-heat cold, too. Of course, the Weather Gods have decided that this might be a record year everywhere for cold and snow, so, who knows. I may need to hit up an outdoor adventure store (or the other side of the closet) for something. Otherwise, its sweaters, jeans and flip flops. None of which I’ve had to wear (except the flip flops) since April (thank you, New Mexico).

Jolty transition to writing updates…

September was way more productive! I didn’t finish or publish anything, but I did get some outlining/planning done and new material written for existing/new projects. Given how July and August went, this is a big deal. I found a local NaNo group! It meets at the library closest to me on weekends, which is nice. I went all official and joined the forums on the NaNo site and the FB group so I can keep up on write-ins and such.

I’m still doing the writing challenges and, for the most part, hitting each goal. This month a few of us from the NaNo Maine group are doing a mini-NaNo – 20k. Word count “validation” will be honor system with daily totals posted on the group’s page, and I think it will be a great opportunity to finish some projects I’ve back-burnered the last few months and expand the outline for the Bayou project before the real NaNo starts.

On the day-job front, I applied for several jobs and got turned down or haven’t gotten a response. All that means is I need to try harder.

I’ve started 2/3 free online courses, too. So far they’re great. The fiction writing one is easy. The journalism one is a challenge. We’re going to investigate and report on a fake blackout affecting Scotland. Depending on how this plays out, I may post “my report” here after the course is completed.

In my personal little world, things are great. I’ve collected a few small things (mostly pics) on our Adventure Days, expanded my altar and read more.

Overall, I believe September was a good month.

October will be interesting. Along with my prepping for all things NaNo, we’re continuing our adventures which include attending the UL-Lafayette v Arkansas State football game in a couple weeks. And, tomorrow we’re hitting up the Library to check it out. There’s always something to do around here on the weekends – festivals, craft shows, art walks or just driving around and getting lost. No matter the adventure, it’s always a good time.

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