Blam – Blog Spam


Or, Why I Only Post 3 Days a Week

Once a month I have a Tech Day. You know, hitting everything I do on social media and revamping things. That includes going through the list of blogs I follow and seeing who’s still active. It also included the unfollowing of bloggers who spammificate feeds to see themselves type and stir the shit pot.  I enjoy those who post daily, even twice a day. But, power blogging is irritating and useless. Hear me out before lighting your torches.

Although we are a society with the inherent need to stir shit up on a regular basis, there are some of us who just don’t care. Or, we care enough about ourselves to not subject ourselves to it. And, that’s sort of what yesterday was – a social media mind scrub. It might be considered unfair by some that I did this. That’s fine. Your prerogative. I mean, there must have been something about the blog(s) I liked initially, right? Yes. Until they got too big for themselves and decided spouting controversy was the way to get the numbers up.

Remember when I said power blogging is useless? The more a person blogs (usually about the exact same thing, in the exact tone and manner), it becomes redundant and people say “screw this” and leave. Wouldn’t being consistent blogging be a good thing, you ask? Yeah, of course. But let me toss the question back and ask you if you’d want to read consistently about some guy’s hatred for…well, everything…multiple times each day? Everyday?

Probably not.

If a person is blogging helpful and resourceful information, or participating in some kind of themed blog-a-thon, that’s cool. (Btw, I’m doing the Pagan Blog Project in 2015.) If a person is spouting racial and gender bullshit, not so cool. And it will get you off my blog faster than lightning.

That, my friends, is the beauty of the option to read what we enjoy and not subject ourselves to all the negativity.

Weigh in and tell me what type of blogs you like, don’t like or wish there were more of. I’d love to know.


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4 Responses to Blam – Blog Spam

  1. I like diverse blogs that touch on the serious aspects of life but have time to drop helpful hints and funny quotes. I also like the poetry blogs that usually inspire me to improve my own poetry. And of course, author blogs sharing their work. I agree with you about negative blogs. They do weigh you down and you end up questioning why it is in the feed.

    • jmlibby says:

      I’m with you. I read all manner of blogs – health &wellness, pagan, BDSM, writing. It just seems as though, especially lately, the overall general tone of most blogs are combative and hostile. Rare is the blog – like yours – which makes me smile and chuckle, and has new creative content on a regular basis.

      Thank you for coming by 🙂

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