Tale of the Unemployed

In recent weeks I’ve put my application in to over a dozen places, and heard back from 1 – it was a rejection. Three places found my resume online and approached me (I verified they were real first), to which I sent them “a current resume”. No word back, yet.

Writing is…well, I won’t make the WriYe quarter goal. I’ll put it that way. Thankfully, I can count damn near everything I write. Verification is in 10 days, and I’m signed up for a smallish writing challenge. I will say this, though: NaNo is fast approaching and that challenge in itself is an entire quarter of my writing goal. 50k in 30 days. The “Bayou” piece I’ve been working on will be the project of choice for NaNo2014. Oh, and speaking of NaNo – I found an official local group which will meet regularly aaaaaand it’s only a couple miles from our place! I’ve changed my location on the site, joined the FB group (while maintaining NaNoMaine membership) and the ML is going to have a booth at the local farmer’s market a couple weeks before the meet-n-greet.

Back to writing…Work on Graces and “Rising” is slow going. I’m trying to work on those and VC before going balls out on the “Bayou” outline in October.

I guess you could consider this post a mid-month check in.

Friday, I went to Barnes & Noble. Can you believe I was unchaperoned?! Mike picked me up and dropped me off for some book adventuring on my own. I was good, though, and only spent $25 – plus a pumpkin spice iced latte *nomnomnom*

Sunday night I signed up for a few free online writing classes. I haven’t done coursework in 6 years, so this should be interesting. One of the courses starts Friday, and it will give me something to do in addition to my regular writing while I look for a job. Once those get going, I’ll post about how it’s all going.

Oh, by the way – Football Week 3. Lions beat Packers! As long as the Bears lose tonight, Lions will be lead the division at 2-1 *fingers crossed* I swear, this weekend has been like Opposite Day. Teams that should have won, didn’t. But, hey, I am so not complaining 🙂

Well, that’s it for me for today. Wednesday I’ve got a book review for you – The Witching Pen Book 1. See you then!

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