Tiny Excerpt of New Bayou Project pt 2

Two hours later, Sheriff Royals stood on the dock with Willow. “Explain to me, again, how you know someone has been here.”

Putting her hand on her forehead, Willow took a deep breathe. “I told you, already.” She gestured to the house. “I came home and saw the screws had been disturbed on the door.” The sheriff cocked his head. “Don’t you look at me like that, Silas.”

He held his hands up. “I trust you, but the government might not. Just sayin’.”

She rolled her eyes. “I could tell when I rounded that crop of cypress that something was wrong. I pulled up and got out of the boat. I got out of the boat and went to the door. I saw the door had been messed with. I came back to the boat and called you.”

“How did you know ‘something was wrong’?”

“Oh, dear Goddess!” Throwing her hands up, she turned away from him. “I just knew. You know how I knew, Silas. Don’t play with me.”

Taking a deep breath, he nodded and walked up the dock to take pictures of the door. “Now, show me which screws were tampered with.”

“All of them!” Hands clenched and energy focused, a bellow erupted from her throat. Once it passed, she smoothed her sweater and apologized.

“Hey, I know what you are. No need to be sorry.” Under his breath he uttered, “Just don’t throw it at me.”

“I heard that, Silas.” She smiled as she listened to the camera’s shutters clicking rapidly. Usually, she preferred silence, but when people were around she liked to talk. “So, how did that date with Selena go?”

The clicking stopped. “It didn’t.”

“Oh. I thought she would be a good match for you.” Or, they were according to their numbers, Willow thought. “Better luck next time, I suppose.”

“Thanks, but no thanks. I’ll hit the bar like other guys my age.”

“Sweetie, nobody else is your age.”

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