Pagan Monday

The seasons are beginning to change, and its much slower than I’m used to. At this time of year in Maine, I’d be sporting a hoodie and (literally) dusting off “real” shoes in preparation of the cold. Hot cocoa would be on every grocery list, and I’d be watching for the new colors in nature. Louisiana will have a Fall, but not like Maine. And that is absolutely wonderful. We should all get to experience the seasons in different climates.


Harvest Moon playing Peek-a-Boo


My altar is slowly being added to – its amazing the number of common household items which can substitute or pull double duty when items are unavailable (for one reason or another). Note to those new to Paganism: If a ritual calls for certain spices or herbs, check your cabinet. In prepping a mini-altar for Isis, I made a small paper dish and raided the spice cubby for herbs associated with her: cumin, pepper, rosemary and cinnamon (these also work for the South/Fire corner of your altar since they are “warm” herbs).

I’m also working on a small mandala. Making these are a brilliant form of therapy. Turn off all the noise, light a candle and some incense, and just enjoy the peace. There’s something about creating which soothes and heals. For some its cooking; For others its a craft. Building a mandala around personal affirmations is a great way to boost the spirit and heart.


Oh, and I found this awesome little shop called Heaven on Earth. I snagged a few small candles and holders, and the hematite ring. Spent $12.05! The ring was to help combat headaches; so far, so good.

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